Banana Box – Packaging for car bumpers

Banana Box – Packaging for car bumpers

The round shapes of car bumpers are a logistical challenge. The new Banana Box packaging has been adapted to the curves of the bumpers.


The Banana Box is a single piece of packaging which uses less material in its production than the original design. The integrated top makes it considerably easier to handle. This in turn reduces the packaging time and only one person is needed for the packing. The packaging is delivered flat-packed on a pallet and is ready to assemble. The maximum pallet height is used thereby. As the base and cover parts from the original packaging were delivered on separate pallets, the new design also reduces the space required for storage and packaging. The filled packaging units are transported on big pallets. Up to seven packaging units fit next to each other in an HGV stacked up to three layers high. With its Customer benefits and easy to handle small weight of the packaging the packaging process is faster and can be done by one person only. 

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