Axis-D: The easy-to-read, elegant pen system

Axis-D: The easy-to-read, elegant pen system

The Axis-D pen system is a disposable variable dose injection device. It features an elegant and compact design, including an easy-to-read sliding window. This high-quality plastic pen is available with a large range of attractive, colorful and ergonomic design options.


Applications of the compact Axis-D include fertility treatment.

An elegant solution: A disposable high-quality plastic pen for variable dosage

For flexible treatments: Dose adjustment from 0.01 ml to 0.80 ml

With easy customization: Can be customized to alternative dose increments

Safe to use for patients: Dose correction to avoid injection errors and loss of drug

Easy to read dose: Accurate dose reading with sliding window

For minimal distractions: No outer rotating components during injection to prevent interference

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