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AstraPouch® Introduces New Cold Brew Coffee Packaging


AstraPouch® launched a new concept in soft packaging for cold brew coffee. Marrying the eye-catching aesthetics of its custom-printed pouches with the cost-effectiveness of its label-ready pouches, the new Printed Label-Ready Coffee Pouch offers both form and function.

The new pouch is a variation of the company’s popular AstroPaq® 1.5 pouch, says Dave Moynihan, President of AstraPouch®. “We’ve worked with the cold brew coffee industry since it took the beverage market by storm a few years ago. Now, we’re pleased to offer a printed pouch just for coffee that’s easily customizable by individual sellers.” The cold brew pouches are pre-printed with a blue and tan design that features a coffee bean illustration and the words “Cold Brew Coffee.” Manufacturers/distributors customize the packages with their own labels featuring their logo, artwork, or lettering.

Available in the 1.5L/50.7oz size, the new pouch shares the convenience and environment-friendliness of all AstraPouch’s products. “Our pouches are durable, lightweight and convenient—and they have an 80% reduced carbon footprint versus glass bottles,” says Erica Graham, VP of Finance & Operations at AstraPouch.


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