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Aptar Pharma and Lovelace Biomedical to Host Webinar on “New Tools to Advance CNS Drug Delivery”

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Paptar Pharma A Leading Drug Delivery Systems Provider Will Host A Live Educational Webinar Reviewing New Methodologies In Assessing Cns Drug Deliveries Taking Place On July 17 At 1500 Cet The Webinar Entitled Strongnew Tools To Advance Cns Drug Deliverystrong Will Be Hosted By Dr Julie D Suman President Of Next Breath An Aptar Pharma Business And Dr Philip Kuehl Senior Scientist Lovelace Biomedicalp

This interactive webinar will review the challenges of nose-to-brain drug delivery for CNS drugs, highlight the advantages of nasal administration, compare pharmacokinetic advantages of nasal powders versus aqueous formulations, as well as in vitro results of nasal powder delivery. The presentation will also unveil the use of animal models for CNS drug delivery. Recent results from a non-human primate (NHP) cross-over study performed in cynomologus macaques, whereby a model was successfully developed to quantify drug present in the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) suggests that the NHP model can be used to evaluate nasal delivery as a non-clinical model.

Dr. Suman comments, “Numerous companies are involved in the development of therapeutics for drug delivery to the brain via nasal deposition. The challenges are complex and demand is growing for solutions to advance CNS drug delivery. There are currently few proven nasal formulations, delivery systems and models used to evaluate CNS drug delivery, which requires that we explore new opportunities in CNS medications.”


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