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Aptar Food+Beverage’s Team in China Receives FBiF 2020 Marking Functional Award 2020

On July 8, 2020, Aptar Food + Beverage’s team in China received the FBiF (Food Beverage Innovation Forum) 2020 Marking Functional Award (Structure & Material Design Category) for best designed packaging of the year with our Non-detachable Tamper Evident, Bi-injected INF Closure (launched at the customer Jun Le Bao).

It’s our first real event this year of all segments (not virtual, but REAL in person). The safety and security screening of the event is very strict, it feels almost surreal, but it’s touching to see this happening in reality! ~Xiangwei Gong – President Aptar Asia About FBiF & Aptar Show Case Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBiF), founded in 2014 by Simba Events, has become one of the most influential food-industry events in the Asia Pacific. More than 1000 food companies and over 6000 individuals joined in 2020’s 7th FBiF. FBiF is a three-day event, with trade shows and forums including Plenary Session and 4 Sub-sessions (Product Innovation, Marketing Innovation, InnoPack and Food & Money). We have set up a show case with the theme “Instant Mixing & Immunity” mainly to promote Fostag closure. A number of brand owners show interest after exploring the special drinking experience with the unique closure. “Open, Shake and drink! I have confidence that this magical drinking experience will catch Z gens’ eyes!” said Marketing head of one brand owner. Sustainability is a hot topic in packaging and there is an area called Recycling to display good examples in recyclable packaging. We set up a wall board to promote our sustainability commitment, mission and recycling product – Flip Lid. About MA & the Closure’s Features Marking Awards initiated by FBiF, is a global packaging design competition which aims to gather world-class designers, promote creative and practical designs. Out of the 483 different packaging designs from 300 different companies worldwide. Aptar Food + Beverage solution – Non-detachable tamper evident and bi-injected closure received Marking Functional Award 2020 (Structure & Material Design Category). A jury of 24 selected professionals from top international brands and design institutes selected the best solutions, based on the following criteria: Commerciality, Communication, Functionality, Originality, Foresight, and Design. The closure applies the latest bi-injection technology and was developed at Aptar Suzhou. This solutions is set to awaken creativity in packaging and meet customers’ expectations on premium, convenience, safety and aesthetics. The unique visible and non-detachable TE applies on both side of closure, which gives consumers a safer and superior dispensing experience with a one-hand opening. With the first opening of the upper cover, the TE is permanently dropped into the closure slot on both sides, given a clear indication the packaging has been opened, and avoiding product contamination. Furthermore, this solution prevents children to access the small TE plastic part which is an important safety element. The audible “click” helps to ensure packaging has been properly resealed. About the Speech At InnoPack session, Aptar China unveiled the innovative product “Instant Mixing Closure” at the speech of the topic “The way to expand healthy drinks in the post-epidemic era” addressed by Scottie Liu, Market Development Director NEA . It was an interactive speech that attracted more than 300 attendees. The audience had the chance to explore the product and taste the drinks, attracting the interest of a number of brand owners. To learn more about Aptar’s breakthrough dispensing closures, please visit our website or contact us.