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antonio aricò's packaging design for callipo combines doodles with italian mythologies

Italian artist, designer and creative director antonio aricò has designed a christmas packaging collection for callipo. known for his collaborations with different companies and designers around the world, this is the first time aricò creates something for a company in calabria — his hometown. ‘after years of collaborations with national and international companies related to design, I am very happy to work for the first time with a company that represents for me the excellence of my land of origin, calabria,’ he says.

For callipo’s christmas packaging collection, antonio aricò has created five gift boxes — three in wood and two in cardboard — featuring colorful doodles that communicate the themes of love and sharing while combining them with local mythology. each gift box is inspired by a different story that recalls the traditions of the calabrian land. for example, the oissa gift box recalls a fishing scene where tuna fishermen, proud of the abundant catch, shout oissa as they forcefully pull the tuna from the sea. or the tonnaroti gift box which pays homage to the tonnaroti, the peasants of the sea who were involved in tuna fishing.

Joining the gift box collection, is aricò’s packaging paper wrapping for the artisan panettone, an italian type of sweet bread usually prepared and enjoyed during the festive holidays. the packaging features christmas colors and shapes that are imaginative, inviting eaters to share a moment while enjoying a tasty thought.

antonio aricò has managed, with his style and artistic creativity, to represent in an exemplary way, with his drawings, the popular language that we have chosen for our sea stories,’ comments giacinto callipo, a fifth generation representative of callipo. ‘there are many contaminations that unite us, starting from the common origins, passing from the commitment in the territory to the attention to detail and quality. this is the first callipo project to bear its signature, but we are already working on new ideas.’