Amcor, Paperly™ Thermoformable Paper-Based Packaging

Amcor, Paperly™ Thermoformable Paper-Based Packaging

Paperly™ thermoformable paper-based packaging by Amcor gives processed meat and cheese packaging a rustic feel and look, and it is designed to stand out on the supermarket shelf.


With a paper tray made completely from renewable resources and originating from FSC forests, Paperly™ packaging will attract environmentally conscious consumers who prefer products with a more natural feel and recyclable packaging. Made from 85% FSC–certified paper fibres, the whole base tray can be recycled where paper recycling streams are available; plus, it lowers CO2 emissions by approximately 75% compared with traditional packaging, resulting in greater sustainability. Paperly™ packaging's main application is processed meat, and Amcor can also offer solutions for cheese and fish. It can be combined with other Amcor offerings, such as EZ Peel® and EZ Peel® Reseal™ liddings, which can be produced with a Paper-Like™ tactile finish to complement the base tray. If desired, the Paperly™ tray can also be used with Amcor's SkinTite™ second skin film for packing fresh meat and fish. The rigidity of the paper and thin high-barrier liner minimises the use of non-renewable materials in the tray. The appealing authenticity come from the light weight, thermal insulation and texture of natural fibers.

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