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‘World’s First’ Recyclable PE-based Blister Packaging-Amcor develops breakthrough recyclable healthcare packaging

Amcor’s AmSky eliminates PVC in healthcare packaging, which can be problematic to recycle by conventional methods, with polyethylene (PE) thermoform blister and lidding film.

Building on its recent track record of breakthrough innovations to deliver recyclable packaging, Amcor is today announcing customer trials of the world’s first recyclable* Polyethylene-based thermoform blister packaging. The new packaging is designed to meet the stringent requirements of highly specialized and regulated pharmaceutical packaging and creates a more sustainable alternative for the most in-demand healthcare packaging type. This innovation also benefits from up to 70% reduction in its carbon footprint, when compared to packaging alternatives on the market today.**

AmSky™ eliminates PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) from the packaging by using a Polyethylene (PE) thermoform blister and lidding film. PVC can make packaging recycling more difficult or contaminate other materials if consumers attempt to recycle it. By removing PVC – whilst retaining all the benefits of pre-existing blister packaging – Amcor has created a new, recyclable solution that benefits the entire recycling process.

Amcor is currently working with several leading pharmaceutical companies to bring AmSky™ to market globally. The company expects AmSky™ to be available in the healthcare market by the second half of 2022.

The recyclability of the material was verified by cyclos-HTP, an organization based in Aachen, Germany, that provides independent assessment and certification of such environmental claims. The carbon footprint reduction is based on an Asset life-cycle assessment of a standard PVC blister with aluminum foil lidding compared with Amcor’s AmSky PE blister and lidding film. The Asset tool is certified by the Carbon Trust.