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A ‘natural’ fit: Real’s new low-calorie range in first ever Tetra Pak Craft packaging

A first ever low-cal range is a treat for the calorie conscious consumer, and it comes housed in a unique new packaging – Tetra Pak® Craft – the first time this packaging innovation is being launched in India. A unique new range, in an elegant stand-out packaging deserves the extra attention indeed.

Marketers and brands today are fully conscious that the role of packaging is no longer limited to just being a container for food products. It is now a high impact tool that informs and engages consumers. For new launches, packaging plays a vital role in generating curiosity and trials through on-shelf differentiation. “Even in the times of a pandemic, brands have not shied away from launching new products. If anything, the number of products being launched, especially in the health, fitness and immunity platform has surpassed expectations. The challenge is to grab the consumers’ attention and showcase product benefits in a way that adds authenticity and credibility. And packaging innovation is a powerful tool that consistently delivers on this goal,” says Ashutosh Manohar, Managing Director, Tetra Pak South Asia. “Real Activ 'Low Cal’ range is the perfect partner for ’Calorie Conscious’ consumers who are looking for beverages that bring out the natural goodness of fruits without the guilt of excessive calories. Tetra Pak’s aseptic packaging allows us to keep the juices safe without any preservatives and retain the nutritional goodness. At the same time, the innovative new Tetra Pak Craft packaging puts the spotlight on our new range on the shelf,” says Mayank Kumar, Business Head (Foods), Dabur India. So, what made Dabur choose Tetra Pak® Craft packaging to introduce their new range? A natural look of bare paperboard with wood fibres, gives the package a raw, earthy appeal. With its natural look, this packaging is ideal for products that are all about natural ingredients and authenticity. “Tetra Pak Craft perfectly represents the values of Real Activ that appeals to fitness & health conscious consumers and will strengthen product credibility. This is our first Low Cal range of juices, and what better way to introduce this in the market that the first ever Tetra Pak Craft packaging in India,” adds Mayank. “Packaging is no longer just a carrier for food products, but a strong medium that tells the story of the product inside it. In a world where everything needs to be authentic and personalizable, we want to provide customers with something unique to help their brands rise above the noise and reach the shopper. Globally, we have over 3000 different packaging variants and combinations available to support our customers. With Dabur, we are privileged to have a partnership of innovation of over two decades and we are pleased to continue the journey through more such industry ‘firsts’,” says Ashutosh.