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33/15mm Closure for Aseptic Filling

38mm closures for aseptic filling are predominant mainly in Europe. The 33/15mm closure for aseptic filling with the same consumer-friendly gripping height of 15mm, as used to with the 38mm cap. The closure is 30% lighter weight alternative for both double and triple thread necks. It will enhance consumer-friendly handling and cost reduction .


An innovative reclosable system designed for flexible packaging made of heat sealable PE. Self-gripping closure comprising of self-mating micro- hooks. Its hook to hook technology enables consumers to easily seal their package without perfect alignment.

Reliable Protection Against Tempering

Clear, irreversible tamper evidence Flexible implementation for diverse containers Heat-free application Multilayered label design for strong brand presentation Supply chain security through additional integration of Track & Trace solutions.

Tamper Evidence in Folding Carton

The perforated flaps in the lid clearly indicate first opening of the folding box. Neither glue nor the labels are necessary for first opening verification. Packaging performance is unaltered. OEE (overall equipment efficiencies) is maintained and superior to solutions with glue or labels.

Dual Monodose Sachet

A new variation in a well known “monodose sachet” – Bidose Launched for the double serum cream for intensive anti-aging treatment Provides required shelf life and can pack any type of liquid or viscous product Bi-dose sachet can be used for packaging of cosmetics or serums having separate products that cannot be mixed prior to their usage

Sweep-off Depalletizer

The newly designed sweep-off depalletizer from AUTEFA Solutions Resolves to ever growing trouble for filling plants. Normally, bulk glass bottles are delivered on flat intermediate layers. The pallets and glass bottles are protected with stretch / shrink films. This means that the rounded corners of the intermediate layers are bent downwards.

Servo X

Servo X, placed in the middle speed range from 5 to 10,000 cycles / hour.The servo X is servo driven and very easy to use: because of the Hugo Beck co-pilot.This system helps to prevent the customer of operating errors and makes a product changeover very simple.   Target industry

Drying & Sterilization Tunnel

The new 6000, 7000 and 8000 series of the HQL drying and sterilization tunnel for sterilizing and depyrogenising pre-cleaned ampoules, injection and infusion bottles, cartridges and syringes. Bosch’s new series requires less energy for electrical heating and ventilation due to the optimized air flow and mea- sures for heat recovery.

The Formable Paper Packaging

FreeFormPackTMis an efficient and flexible form-fill-seal paper packaging system It is sustainable, functional and offers brand owners great marketing possibilities through its tactile feeling and unique shapes, textures and silhouettes. It is an inline packaging system and consists of 3 components; the PAM/ BOMTM machine, FibreForm® paper and closures/lids.

Innovative Closure for Bottles

Parachute closure, from Global Closure Systems, has been awarded in the EcoDesign category as “an innovation that is environmentally friendly throughout the product’s entire life cycle Designed by GCS, the lid portion of the closure perfectly matches the bottle design and shape.

Candy Cup

It is a new packaging concept for chocolate and sweets. The specially-designed candy cups come in several shapes with a variety of closing mechanisms, differentiating the candy cups from traditional cups. The cups are handy to use and catches the eye with their shape and excellent print quality. The candy cups comprise 100% renewable raw material.

Designer Pack - Detergent

MASAS offers decorative / fancy metal boxes to various sectors such as food , medical, cosmetics, stationery and garment to be used as promotional products and packages. The varnish options after the printing can be matt or bright.

Temperature controlled delivery for online grocery shopping

The iFoodbag, a newly invented product developed by Swedish start-up iFoodbag with help of Mondi , is a smart solution to those challenges and will transform online grocery shopping globally.

Retail beverage pack “Take it” 

Mondi’s eye-catching retail beverage pack “Take it” is a special designed pack for design and functionality.

Sonoco: New ZERO Bench-Time® Shippers Optimize Inventory

Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco (NYSE:SON) and a leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging, has launched a robust and efficient line of 3-Day and 5-Day temperature controlled packaging solutions for the distribution of pharmaceutical and biological products. The Certis platform provides solutions for products that need 2-8°C, 15-25°C and frozen temperature control.

Anti Skid & High Matt BOPP Film

This rice pack features "extremely high friction and high matt finish".

Pos Sunscreen Tube

The sun cream edition offers best conditions for a high level of recognition at the pos and for a successful identification with the sport/target group.

E-Commerce Frustration free packaging

This box made for ecommerce features smart locks at both ends.

Ready to go Coffee Packaging

Innovative on the go concept for coffee packaging

Toothpick packaging

This toothpick packaging is impressive in its convenience and hygiene due to to convenient, faster and more precise handling.This pack is designed so as to dispense one tooth pick at a time.

Unique Design-Of A Carton Package

This original and unique design-of a carton package, contains a bottle of Omega food supplement for children. .The package is designed like a game of cubes. 

Aluminium closure without bead

TEXEAL is a latest innovative closure, made out of Aluminium sheet.

Bicycles Packaging suitable for air transport

The Kolobox case is an ideal solution for transporting bicycles on planes.

Packaging for 10 engine bonnet

This Completely-Knocked-Down (CKD) packaging for engine bonnets is a huge step forward compared to wooden crates.

Tube with diamond hologram

Viva had launched an unique Diamond Hologram Tube.

Packaging of Cotton Bales

Superbha had designed Pre-fabricated Bale bags which offer convenience in packaging, thereby increasing productivity.

Packaging to pour liquid in controlled manner

Everyone knows the situation: when pouring a liquid from a bottle or canister spills quickly something wrong. 


An extrusion coated sealant with chemically clean and chemical resistant contact layer providing outstanding water vapor and oxygen barrier

Deepavali Gift Pack

This packaging box is created to celebrate Deepavali, a festival that marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year.

Dissolving sack for mortar or concrete

The disappearing cement bag named as D-Sack has a truly innovative feature: it disintegrates during the mortar or concrete preparation process and integrates itself with the product.

Single Layer Gems Packaging

Single layer sustainable pack developed for brand Gem.

Dupont Benevia - Insect Control Delivers Remarkably Healthy Crop Growth

Dupont india has announced the launch of a new generation insect control, Dupont™ Benevia® to help farmers establish their young crops for healthy growth and astounding harvests at the end. Benevia® is designed and optimized for foliar applications in fruit and vegetable crops to protect from sucking and chewing pests that lead to enormous crop losses to farmers.

Unilife Precision Therapy

 It help to enable and enhance bolus or rate-based injectable therapies

Formpack® Ultra, A New Cold Form Blister

Amcor has launched formpack® ultra, a new cold form blister for pharmaceutical products. The material can be elongated more than standard cold form solutions.

Nordictan Benefits from Appe's Spraypet® Technology

PET packaging specialist, APPE, has confirmed that the first customer to benefit from its plastic aerosol container innovation, SprayPET®, is Danish tanning products firm, nordictan®.

Tamper evident closure for spirit industry

Guala comapny has developed an innovative Aluminium closure with visible tamper band to create double impact. 

Metal Free Packaging

High barrier metal free packaging

Economic Lidding Foil for Blister Packaging

CONSTANTIA Blister Eco is an economic blister lidding foil for PVC-blister with lower barrier requirements.

Chocolate Packaging transform to piggy bank

In the competitive confectionery segment, packages must immediately engage consumers, and Choco Zoo does just that with its eye-catching design.

Crown And Nestlé Collaborate To Revolutionize Coffee Packaging

A business unit of Crown Holdings,and Nestlé Professional have come together to create a new packing format for the NESCAFÉ® range of coffee brands in the UK professional market.

Dairy Drinks Packaging

 Murray Goulburn launched their new Devondale flavoured milkshake range in a stackable cup and lid format by replacing its older format of plastic bottle. 

Lipstick pack with secret mirror

Flower part on the top of the pack featues a secret mirror will appear, which is convenient for fixing  make-up. 

Innovative Beer Packaging

South Korean designer Wonchan Lee has created a concept redesign of standard beer packaging.

Flow-Tite Shrink Rollstock Films

Bemis Curwood Flow-Tite films for automated flow-wrap equipment replace hand-packed shrink bags, a packaging format that has dominated meat packing since the 1950s.

Resonator made of DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS helps revolutionary hybrid sports car sound good

The stunning BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car features a resonator made of glass-fibre reinforced DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS 95G35 which is tuned to reduce the typical high-frequency air intake sound to a lower level, so improving driving experience.

Swiss chocolate packaging

The Polyhedron shape and construction was very appealing to the eye a

Prefillable Stacked Needle Syringe

SCHOTT InJentle™ prefillable syringes are designed for the special needs of highly sensitive drugs.

Photochromic Bag

Invisible design hidden within a package’s visible graphics


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