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Self Sealing ColdPack

An innovative packaging solution for industrial product's packaging
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Down gauging cold foil

FormFoil Lite Suture Package developed by Rollprint Packaging Products, Inc. is a breakthrough in cold-form foil technology.

Sterile Breathable Medical bag

Amcor flexibles americas offers a products called fortis breather bag. It is improved header opening for end user convenience, better breath ability and reduction in cycle and aeration time for ethylene oxide sterilisation, eliminates particulate generated from heat seal coatings.

Pure Dispense Technology

Easy and controlled dispensing by clever inner membrane

Wash-Off Pressure Sensitive Label

Easy wash-off label that aids bottle cleaning while recycling process

Child Resistive pouch

Bemis Healthcare Packaging has engineered a child resistant pouch for the safe disposal of transdermal patches and inhalers.

Impermeable Barrier PEEL-OFF TOP

Impermeable PEEL-OFF film suitable for highly sensitive products

Moisture-catching packaging for meat and fish

The creative entrepreneurs Luc van den Broek and Rinze Willemsen introduce the GravityTray, an innovative meat, chicken and fish packaging that makes the absorber superfluous.

Smarter Packaging Solutions

Smart Plastic Technologies specializes in the development of proprietary technologies which re-engineers standard plastic into "smart plastic" film through it's anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-counterfeit, reducer and their bio-assimilation additives!  With the explosion of the packaging marketplace also lies the responsibility as an industry to protect both the consumer and end the

Moisture Label

These innovative labels maintains product freshness by controlling humidity through special control of water storage and release by their innovative structures

Child Resistance Carton for Nicotine Gum

A child resistance innovative carton designed for packaging nicotine gum.

Peelable Inmold Label

An innovative inmold label that can be peeled off and provide much more area for text even on the back surface


Fully automatic lines for 4-piece disposable pens

Lock your Corrugated Carton

An effective way to lock your CFB / CBB / CFC (corrugated boxes)

Flexible Alternative to Rigid Containers

A sturdy flexible pack for bulk packaging of liquids. The pack may replace rigid containers owing to its advantages over the later one.

Paper Laminate Tube

A laminate tube which conforms to the Multiflex procedure high paper content

A new innovative easy-open solution for barrier packaging

Flextrus launched the first cooperation agreement in Europe with PopPack LLC, offering new “bubble in the seal” technologies to easily open flexible packages.


Synthetic multilayer heat-shrinking sausage casing Biolon Shape (SP) is produced from a composite of polyamides and high pressure polyethylene by means of co-extrusion with biaxial orientation .

Innovation in paint bucket

Metal paint buckets are quite cumbersome to open. Often they need a hard tool to pull open the metal lid. This innovative closure requires no tool opening to the paint bucket

Interactive Cosmetic Packaging

Charlotte Tilbury, one of a world renowned make-up artist, has launched her latest eye make-up collection ‘Bigger, Brighter Eyes’ in a video box presentation, designed, created and manufactured by Curtis Packaging.

Interactive Cosmetic Packaging

Charlotte Tilbury, one of a world renowned make-up artist, has launched her latest eye make-up collection ‘Bigger, Brighter Eyes’ in a video box presentation, designed, created and manufactured by Curtis Packaging.

Carton with video screen

An innovative carton that gives product description / usage instructions / customer feedback through it's inbuilt video system.

Peer Virtual Reality Headset

Peer VR Headset allows offset and Digital printing so is a great marketing and brand promotional tool. The design is playful, interactive, attractive and ergonomic

Stackable Flexible Pack

Flexible packs are good give high shelf appeal and gives your brand a presence in retail stores. But these are not good to STACK. this innovation is about a pack which is stackable yet giving all the benefits of flexible packaging.

Insulation made of wool

Woolcool is made of 100% sheep’s wool, a renewable resource that is biodegradable, sustainable, natural and compostable.

Pallet container made up of corrugation

Mondi Group has designed Pal-box a practical pallet container made of corrugated board.


The patent-pending iPaint by Nirlat is an innovative product which revolutionizes the way consumers paint their homes.


This pack is innovative 4-ply film forming a unique-shaped, easy-to-tear stick of energy gel for athletes. The packaging material provides excellent protection against oxygen, humidity and odors.


CompresSeal is an innovative product solution to use in flow packs for coffee, nuts, savory foods, as well as Stand Up pouches for liquids.  


Innovative bundling solution for packaging industry

Reclosable Can Closures

Reclosable can closures for drinking beverages


A very innovative solution for sensitive non carbonated beverages

Carton with LED illuminated mirror

A new packaging which interacts with the customer in its own innovative way giving consumer convenience while on-the-go

Front Zipper Bag

Patented system for packaging of fresh or processed food products. 

Solution for Highly Viscous Drugs

COC based syringes for highly viscous drugs and available in 1ml to 50ml

Active Polymer Technology

Active polymer technology usage for pharma packaging

Octagonal Drum

Octagonal drum for bulk products

Flexible, Stackable, Reclosable Pack

Pop up boxes that gives high shelf appeal and product visibility

Innovation Leak Detection System

The production losses happens very frequently when products (pouches) leak so the companies take necessary steps to prevent this leakage and thus minimize producton losses.  Qipack leak detection, reduced production failure with Clean Pouch

Slitting Machine for Complex Material Comexi S1 MS slitter-rewinder is designed for the jobs that require working with non-stretchable materials and with big outputs reels. This slitter-rewinder has a new mono-shaft system that allows to work comfortably

SunColorBox is end-to-end digital color management solution that guarantees brand colors are reproduced consistently and efficiently anywhere in the world — within a fully optimized digital printing process..

IBC for hazardous liquids

An innovative packaging for hazardous liquid products

Sustainable Packaging solution with water based ink

FRoSTA used water-based inks for deep-freeze bags by implementing technology in foil interlayer printing - as the only known flexographic printing company in Germany to date from Folian GmbH.

Waterless Internet Flower Packaging

Flexfresh is the biodegradable (by composting) film that maintains the hydration of flowers using a closed loop system.

Carton Tube Packaging

A new innovative pack that gives high shelf appeal to tube packaging.

Pop up pourer

This Jumping pourers or pop up pourer closure is an innovative closure for Olive Oil and alcoholic market.

Flex films from wood pulp

A wonderful alternative to complete plastic packaging, which is an environment friendly material

Low ink GSM by modifying and optimizing rotogravure cell structures

Unlike Electro-mechanical engraving which produces a conventional cell shape, Laser engraving offers immense flexibility towards altering cell shapes and structures for the rotogravure cylinders. This is the fundamental reason that results in low ink GSM while printing on the substrate

Christmas Bow Label for Coca-Cola

Coke bottle is with innovative wrapping label for special occasions. This is a technically intelligent solution with seasonal value for high-speed lines.

Convenient and reclosable packaging for nuts

This pack is re-close VFFS packs for Waitrose’s dried nuts, fruits and berries. Addressing a wide number of consumer trends, including improved convenience and reuse, ease of opening, better storage, and reduced waste, as a result of superior pack integrity.

Light Blocker for Monolayer Dairy PET Packaging

Holland Colours once again increases the cost-effectiveness of monolayer dairy PET packaging with third-generation Holcomer UHT light blocker.


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