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Vegeplast produces VEGEMAT®, the raw material which puts a permanent end to polluting plastic

Vegeplast produces VEGEMAT®, a raw material that permanently puts an end to polluting plastics; and specializes in the development and the production of packaging and other compostable, biosourced, innovative and environment-friendly products.

100% bio-sourced, this compound is obtained through the processing of cereals and other ingredients, unlike traditional petroleum-based polluting plastics.

100% biodegradable and 100% compostable, certified by the European Standard 13432 on compostability, which guarantees a deterioration between six and nine weeks in an industrial compost.

Allows the creation and production of products nowadays manufactured by thermoplastic injection, to replace almost all kinds of packaging formats and other consumer products.

The production of VEGEMAT® does not generate waste . it is made up of cereals.

Some of its properties are as:

  • As resistant as plastic
  • Suitable for food contact
  • High oxygen barrier thanks to the cellulose film
  • Heat resistant 
  • Cold resistant
  • Large color selection 

Compost restores fertility in soils impoverished from over-intensive agriculture. Vegemat products are compostable When thrown in organic waste, they deteriorate completely between6 and 9 weeks


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