Snapsil® dispensing pack

Open and dispense with one hand

The Snapsil® provides a special, resealable, lightweight dispensing pack designed to be opened and dispense using just one hand. The dispensing option encourages less wasteful food habits. Snapsil allows your customers to serve their food fresh at any time, in any desired quantity. You can also get us to incorporate the dosing pack into a disposable knife, fork or spoon for use 'on the road'.

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The advantages of the Snapsil® dispensing pack

  • for liquid, powdered and granulated food;
  • can be opened and resealed with just one hand;
  • can be integrated into a disposable knife, fork or spoon;
  • huge freedom of design, can be supplied to match your product;
  • convenient for use on the move and outdoors;
  • can be manufactured from materials that provide air and damp barriers;
  • standard version or made to size;
  • in multiple colours (and transparent).

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