Serumony' by Aptar Group

Serumony is one of the product solutions provided by Aptar which provides metal free product pathway with bi-injected cap (with anti-drying inset).

Company Name: 
Aptar Group

Technical details: Package Specs: 1. Metal Free Product Pathway. 2. Bi-injected Cap With Anti-Drying Inset. 3. Broad Range of Aesthetic Options. 4. Lockable Option.

Package Volume: 10 ml, 15 ml

Dosage: 70 mcl

Decoration Options: 1. Primary Finishes: Lacquering, Anodizing, Galvanization, Metalization. 2. Secondary Finishes: Heat Transfer, Hot Stamping, Silk Screening, Offset.

+91124 4965 782

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