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Südpack introduces ‘sustainable’ packaging for minced meat

German packaging company Südpack has presented two new mono-material packaging solutions for minced meat that requires ‘significantly’ less material. Both packaging concepts – which form part of the company’s roadmap for sustainable film packaging – are based on polypropylene (PP) and omit the need for a bottom tray.

According to Südpack, the solutions have been designed to be more recyclable, as well as significantly lower material consumption compared to standard packaging. The Flow Pack PurePP film claims it can achieve material savings of up to 60% compared to tray packaging, with a pack for 1kg of minced meat weighing 9.5g. Südpack also says its new film can be processed quickly and efficiently on all common flow wrapping machines even at high speeds due to its advanced sealing properties. Meanwhile, its Multifol PurePP soft film can be used as the bottom film and as a peelable PP-based upper film for minced meat in thermoformed packs. Südpack claims the solution uses 55% of the material used to make tray packaging. Multifol PurePP is also said to support modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging, depending on the production requirements. Südpack also highlights that its solutions preserve the typical shape and consistency of minced meat and can be printed using flexographic or gravure printing. “The Pure-Line products are the result of intensive research and development. They demonstrate our continuous efforts to improve and rethink existing packaging concepts,” said Carolin Grimbacher, managing partner of Südpack. Grimbacher added: “In addition, we count upon the high quality and recyclability of our Pure-Line composite films. In combination, this makes the new packaging concepts particularly innovative and sustainable.”

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