Puracoat®, A truly sustainable alternative to plastic and PE-lined food barrier packaging

The Sherwood Group’s Puracoat® is an evolutionary product in food barrier packaging, offering food manufacturers an environmentally friendly solution to conventional plastic, PE and other forms of barrier control. As the latest offering from the Sherwood Group, it continues our commitment to innovative food packaging, and has been developed in response to a growing problem of plastic waste.

Company Name: 
The Sherwood Group

Grease resistant barrier test

Applied in line at the Sherwood Group’s premises in Nottingham, there are a range of options that can be tailored to individual customer requirements. Puracoat® can reach the maximum grease resistant test of ‘Kit 12’, verified independently by Smithers Pira.

Examples of Puracoat® application include on the go food packaging, frozen food, bakery, confectionery and other direct food contact packaging.

Features and benefits of Puracoat®

  • suitable for direct food contact
  •  An environmentally friendly, water-based barrier control
  •  Grease resistant to highest ‘Kit 12’ rating
  •  Verified independently by Smithers Pira
  •  Fully recyclable and biodegradable in line with BS EN 13432
  •  Suitable for frozen conditions
  •  Microwaveable and ovenable up to 220 C
  •  Flexible application levels to meet end use requirements
  •  Reduced turnaround time, improving speed to market
  •  Used in conjunction with biodegradable window films for an optimum sustainable solution
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