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New gas-tight tray from Stora Enso and AR Packaging to reduce plastic in chilled food packaging

AR Packaging has introduced a gas-tight pressed board tray packaging for chilled foods based on technology developed together with Stora Enso.

Starpack Gold Award for the e-commerce Morocco Gold packaging

Last June the 27th, the Morocco Gold manufacturer won a Starpack Gold Award at London for its e-commerce packaging designed and produced by DS Smith consumer France in the 'Consumer experience - Home delivery' category.

RetroNose to enhance therapeutic efficacy of nasal treatments

The clinical efficacy of a nasal treatment depends on how it is deposited in the nose, because the pharmaceutical target (local, systemic, brain) is directly related to a specific nasal anatomical site.

DS Smith develops innovative seasonal presentation for Carl Pabst

The attractive seasonal presentation by DS Smith skilfully stages Carl Pabst seeds at the point of sale.

Innovative Nanopack film extends cherries and bread shelf life by over 40%, latest tests show

Fresh cherries, which were packed in NanoPack antimicrobial film, containing low concentration of various natural essential oils, exhibited an increased shelf life of 40%.

DS Smith Plastics Injection Moulding Business Introduces Loop Ready Packaging

How a return to packaging’s past can drive the circular economy of tomorrow

Micro: Airless Packaging by Aptar Group, Inc.

Every packaging professional whether in Consumer Packaged Goods industry or in Pharmaceutical company craves for using airless dispensing of products such as creams and lotions for various obvious reasons.

Baguette, innovative protective apple packaging

No more loose, bruised, unsellable apples!

Snapsil® dispensing pack

Open and dispense with one hand

DS Smith Tecnicarton designs a returnable packaging for airbags

The solution by DS Smith Tecnicarton represents a 30% saving in time and a 40% saving in cost with respect to the packaging used until now.

Skin Protect: A revolutionary airless product

Preserve the integrity of your formula with the most advanced airless protection against bacteria and oxidation.

RPC Promens creates an innovative dispensing solution

RPC Promens creates an innovative dispensing solution for the AdBlue diesel engine fluid from Brenntag

Beauty Tube (LAT AM)

Beauty Tubes offer portable airless packaging for makeup and skin care. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Portable pack solution. Ideal for makeup and creams. Gentle activation process. Albion Mini, Caresse and Albion upper parts. Tube maker : Qualitec and Wista, coex technology.

New blister packaging technology developed for GSK

Amcor worked in partnership with GSK and machine manufacturer CAM-Partena, to evolve the packaging for this product which is highly sensitive to moisture. This collaboration resulted in a solution based on the Formpack® Dessiflex Ultra, a desiccated blister system with a special lidding foil

DS Smith Plastics designs Fillbee returnable beverage pack

Fillbee is a Returnable Beverage Pack Designed to Eliminate Consumer Waste

Thatchers Introduces Lighter Weight Cans

Thatchers has introduced new, lighter weight cans for its cider, it is estimated to save the equivalent of 5.9 million empty cans a year.

DS Smith to trial world’s first compostable, water-resistant cardboard bird boxes

The leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions has created an innovative solution for the UK’s bird population.

DataLase Launches New Coating for Flexible Packaging Printers

DataLase, the global leader in Photonic Printing solutions, has released a new solvent-based range of functional coatings for flexible packaging printers. The development extends the company’s range from flexographic printing to include gravure printing applications and boosts the company’s activity in the high growth flexible packaging sector around the world.

Wavegrip launches light-weight sleek can carrier

WaveGrip has launched its latest carrier innovation for the growing number of slimmer, sleek style cans, which are now increasingly popular across a variety of alcoholic and soft beverages.

“Making clients and water melons happy”

This is a story about the top three design challenges in fresh produce packaging, and finding one solution to overcome them all. Fresh food manufacturers often struggle to find a way to promote and highlight their products among the wide selection available on supermarket shelves.


Plastic packaging solutions provider ALPLA and paper packaging materials- and solutions provider BillerudKorsnäs today announced that they will embark on a joint venture. They do so with the vision to develop a fully biobased and recyclable paper bottle.

RPC Bramlage creates Twist Up airless dispenser for Bionike’s cream-gel and serum

A strikingly-decorated Twist Up airless dispenser from the RPC Bramlage Division is creating the appropriate on-shelf image and impact for one of Italy’s top-selling and long-established personal care brands.

Macfarlane launches new protective packaging products at Packaging Innovations

Macfarlane Packaging, the UK’s largest distributor of protective packaging materials, is launching innovative new packing products designed for the retail and industrial markets.

Puracoat®, A truly sustainable alternative to plastic and PE-lined food barrier packaging

The Sherwood Group’s Puracoat® is an evolutionary product in food barrier packaging, offering food manufacturers an environmentally friendly solution to conventional plastic, PE and other forms of barrier control. As the latest offering from the Sherwood Group, it continues our commitment to innovative food packaging, and has been developed in response to a growing problem of plastic waste.


Latest flexible packaging innovation will improve package clarity and extend freshness of moisture-containing food products


RPC Promens is producing an innovative dispensing solution for the AdBlue diesel engine fluid from Brenntag, the global market leader in chemical distribution

Huhtamaki launches new recyclable flexible packaging

Huhtamaki launches blueloop to enable circular packaging models and respond to consumer demand for sustainable packaging.

Drug Reconstitution Bags - FILLChoice

The FILLCHOICE® bag guarantees reconstitution in absolute safety and simplicity

Delivering Effective E-Commerce Solutions

The recent success of the Garcon Wines’ postal wine bottle has underlined RPC M&H Plastics’ longstanding expertise in the development of e-commerce and mail order packaging solutions.

Compostable Liquid Holding Paper Bottle

EcoBottle, a fully compostable paper bottle that can hold liquids and consumables for more than six months

Serumony' by Aptar Group

Serumony is one of the product solutions provided by Aptar which provides metal free product pathway with bi-injected cap (with anti-drying inset).

Reliably Cooled: Multifunctional Labels for Extreme Sub-Zero Temperatures

The two-layered cryogenic labels are specifically adapted to the demands of extreme sub-zero temperatures and can be complemented by other features such as detachable labels.


Consumers, customs officials and brand protectors increasingly seek to verify the authenticity of products or documents—preferably by the naked eye and without any tools. 

Innovative New Packaging for Clarins Double Serum

Double Serum by Clarins is an iconic product, made up of the best scientific formulas including a double hydric and lipidic formula, highly

New range of recyclable platters from Colpac

‘Let’s Do Lunch’ range of 100% recyclable paperboard platters directly responds to the demands from caterers and retailers looking for sustainable alternatives in a market which is dominated by single-use plastic.
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PACCOR launches next-generation lighter bottle closures with a new design. The caps use over 13% less plastic material, thanks to which the company will more effectively protect the environment. Due to the commercial success of this innovation, PACCOR has started to extend similar design principles and technology across their IML product range.

Transdermal Patches with Active Ingredients

When properly used, transdermal patches with high concentrations of active ingredients are effective and safe means of drug delivery used in chronic pain management or hormone therapy. Schreiner MediPharm developed for PS Marketing and Outsourcing GmbH a label for reliable and safe disposal of used patches and prevention of abuse.

UV and Light Protection for Sensitive Substances

Biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars, blood products, vaccines and vitamin preparations are extremely light-sensitive and UV rays may impair their effectiveness and thus pose potential health risks to patients. To protect these sensitive liquid substances in transparent glass containers, Schreiner MediPharm developed a novel label concept for UV and light protection at various safety levels.

Plastic free pet food packaging

The leading family owned British Pet Food manufacturer, Butcher’s since its formation in 1987 have been concerned with the health of our environment, culminating in the recent launch of its “Towards a better plastic-free future” initiative. 


A flexible, cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging

Convenient new aluminium can

The news single serve can from Ardhagh


Clip Jar is a reliable and cost-effective solution

Innovative twist lock

An innovative packaging solution has been developed by Charpak’s Technical and Engineering Team. The patented Twist-Loc container is manufactured from 75% recycled PET, including a minimum of 50% food grade recycled materials.

New look for iced coffee packaging

One of the most original, and most eye-catching metal can designs of 2019 was recently unveiled at the launch of luxury iced coffee brand Gaya Gold Coffee
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Building Sustainable Roads: Dow Strengthens Indonesia’s Plastics Waste Management Efforts

With a goal to reduce marine debris and advance a circular economy, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics (P&SP), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company , has announced a joint effort with The Indonesian Aromatic & Plastic Olefin Industry Association (INAPLAS); Indonesia Plastic Recycling Association (ADUPI); PT Polytama Propindo (Indonesia PP Manufacturing); the Bandung Institute o

Dual-Mix®, the innovative solution for error-free reconstitution

Drugs which are unstable in solution have, until today, been packaged in powder or lyophilizate form in glass bottles. They then need to be reconstituted at the patient's bedside, or in the hospital pharmacy, in aseptic conditions. There are many errors and accidents linked to reconstitutions which pose a real

P&G launches ingenious Eco Box design for Tide

The Tide Eco-Box is the ground breaking new product launch from P&G in Fabric Care’s division for E-Commerce. The new Tide Eco-Box uses less packaging, contains 60% less plastic and 30% less water than the conventional pack available.

Flat profile wine bottle

RPC M&H Plastics have designed a uniquely shaped flat wine bottle for UK’s Garçon Wines which is a unthought-of design and is developed such that bottle that easily pass through the rectangular letterbox shape  in the doors of U.K. homes and offices. It is an innovation that can solve the problems in online retail sector in U.K. that results in huge losses to packaging industry.

Respiratory Medical Devices for babies

An innovative medical device to help babies get relieved from irritating running nose.


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