A flexible, cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging

Company Name: 
The Dow Chemical company

PacXpert™ Packaging Technology is an innovative technology that enables the transition from larger traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging.

The flexible packaging design offers sustainability benefits and convenience. The distinctive flexible stand-up pouch is durable, lightweight, and cost effective. While flexible, the cube-shaped package is shelf stable and can stand equally well upright or on its side.

The lightweight packaging design offers a fitment closure and integrated ergonomic dual handles, enabling precision pouring with no glugging, easy reclosing and convenient carrying.

The Advantages of PacXpert Packaging Technology

PacXpert offers several significant advantages to retailers and brand owners:

• Prior to being filled with product, packaging lays flat

• Reduced transportation costs

• Packaging cubes out when filled, can be easily stacked either vertically or horizontally to optimize storage space in warehouses and retail shelves

• Accepts various fitment styles to suit the needs of the product

• Virtually endless custom printing options

• Visually appealing for easy marketing

• Lightweight, easy to lift even when filled with product

• Transparent packaging allows remaining product to be clearly seen

• Dual handles offer easy carrying and pouring capabilities

• Fitment prevents glugging when pouring

• Requires less raw materials than its rigid counterpart

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