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Mini-Tablet Dispenser to Become Commercially Available in 2020

Phillips-Medisize acquired exclusive ownership of patents for the dispensing system to accommodate the varied and customized oral dispensing needs of patients.
There are many applications in which patients require accurate yet flexible oral dosage, including pediatrics, geriatrics and oncology. To meet needs where dosing may change based on age, weight and other variables, the mini-tablet dispenser was developed: mounted on top of a standard tablet bottle, a patient or caregiver will be able to count and dispense mini-tablets in predetermined amounts from one to twenty tablets.The dispenser—which unlike many systems does not rely on volumetric measuring principles—can accommodate tablets of approximately 2x2 mm to 2.3x2.3 mm dimensions. The system enables the user to visually confirm the measured tablet count number before dispensing and is designed to minimize damage or crushing of the mini-tablets during dispensing.For smaller patient populations, the option to combine incremental mini-tablet doses offers manufacturers and healthcare providers an advantage over preparing multiple fixed oral tablet dose strengths.Phillips-Medisize, a Molex company, announced an agreement with a Global Pharmaceutical Company, where Phillips-Medisize acquired exclusive ownership of patents supporting the mini-tablet dispenser. Phillips-Medisize has begun industrialization preparations aiming to make the dispenser available to an array of pharmaceutical companies globally in early 2020.