Dual-Mix®, the innovative solution for error-free reconstitution

Drugs which are unstable in solution have, until today, been packaged in powder or lyophilizate form in
glass bottles. They then need to be reconstituted at the patient's bedside, or in the hospital pharmacy,
in aseptic conditions. There are many errors and accidents linked to reconstitutions which pose a real
risk for patients and healthcare personnel: errors with diluents, dosage errors, needle stick injuries,
contamination, etc. To reduce these risks, Technoflex has developed Dual-Mix®, an innovative primary
packaging which meets three challenges: storing the drug to be reconstituted, making its reconstitution
secure and ensuring the safety of healthcare staff and the patient.
Dual-Mix® is a patented bag which contains a medicine in powder/lyophilizate form and the associated
diluent in the same dual-chamber primary packaging. It facilitates and makes safe the packaging of very
unstable molecules which need to be reconstituted just before administration to the patient. Designed
in Inerta® polypropylene, the material in contact with the main active ingredient and the diluent is fully
compliant with European and American pharmacopoeias.

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The bag is delivered sterile and consists of a lower chamber for the diluent and an upper chamber for
the main active ingredient. The latter is the component which requires the highest protection. So, a
peelable aluminum label, which can be placed on both sides of the bag, protects the powder or the
lyophilizate from light and humidity. It is easy to remove at the time of use, and the nurse can very simply
check the integrity of the product before its reconstitution.
The two chambers are separated by a peelable seal. It is sufficiently hard wearing not to break
spontaneously during transport or storage, but is however easy to break by using simple appropriate
pressure on the lower chamber to ensure that the main active ingredient and its diluent are mixed just
before infusion. Reconstitution is achieved in under 10 seconds and in a totally safe way. The bag’s
closed system ensures that the product is sterile and avoids risks of contamination during handling.
Finally, Dual-Mix® has a twist-off compatible with the majority of spikes and infusion sets used in Europe
and the United States.
Dual-Mix® is available in three different volumes of 50, 100 and 250ml and opens the way for
standardized ready-to-use doses of drugs. By avoiding the need in some cases for preparation in the
hospital pharmacy, Dual-Mix® optimizes preparation and administration by medical staff. A not
inconsiderable advantage and a great advance, making reconstitution and administration simple, fast
and totally safe in a hospital environment, but also during hospitalization at home or in emergency or
conflict zones.

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