complete stoppage to counterfeiting by pasting 20 digits split unique number on product containers.

pasting unique numbers on product containers, to be retrieved by consumers via sms is the idea. split the unique number in two parts and paste it on container as shown in the drawing. the unique number is either confirmed by consumer or else it gets torn up while opening the container. use it or lose it.

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innovative logics
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uday s. yadav

most branded products are counterfeited. manufacturers can stop this by implementing my simple invention. they should give 20 digits split unique number to every branded product&rsquos container and preserve them for confirmation by consumers..when the product is filled in the container and is capped and sealed and ready for packaging, this is the time when the product will be secured by my ppc product protection cover. ppc is a transparent plastic sleeve of required size that is shaped as per the size and design of the container and is to be pasted on the opening of the container. ppc&rsquos outer surface has 18 out of 20 digits of product&rsquos unique number printed horizontally on the standing container bottles etc. ppc has a small perpendicular strip made by making small punctures on ppc. this strip itself is a part of ppc and on the upper side, it is little longer than ppc but down the way is cut short. strip&rsquos extra upper length is to be used as holder by which, strip is to be torn away from the ppc. it comes away easily as it is punctured on both sides and is cut in the midway down. all this description is clarified in the figures drawn below. this strip has remaining last 2 digits out of 20 on the inner market, careful consumer buys the branded product. he takes down 18 digits from the ppc on his mobile and then tears the strip. he retrieves remaining 2 digits from the torn strip and sends the 20 digit number to the confirmation centre. within no time he receives ok message from the manufacturer.our second consumer is not careful. he is one of the 90 careless consumers. he has also bought the product and has reached home. he is eager to use the product and does not care about how he goes for it because he owns the product. he looks at the product. it is capped, sealed and then fastened with some transparent plastic sleeve. he is annoyed at the arrangement that keeps him away from product. once he takes in mind to throw away the plastic sleeve ppc, perforated strip&rsquos holder attracts his attention as comparatively easier instrument to get rid of the ppc sleeve with least labor. using thumb and index finger he easily catches the holder and tears the strip off. but only part of the strip comes away as it is cut midway. ppc sleeve does not come away. it is still sticking to the product. lower part of the punctured strip is still on, keeping ppc sleeve in place. he then tears that part of the strip and throws away the ppc sleeve. but while tearing through the partial strip he knowingly or unknowingly has let the 2 digit strip fall down from his thumb and index finger. by this act, he has misplaced places of 20 digits and has destroyed the uniqueness of the unique number.   

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