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New range of recyclable platters from Colpac

‘Let’s Do Lunch’ range of 100% recyclable paperboard platters directly responds to the demands from caterers and retailers looking for sustainable alternatives in a market which is dominated by single-use plastic.

Transdermal Patches with Active Ingredients

When properly used, transdermal patches with high concentrations of active ingredients are effective and safe means of drug delivery used in chronic pain management or hormone therapy. Schreiner MediPharm developed for PS Marketing and Outsourcing GmbH a label for reliable and safe disposal of used patches and prevention of abuse.

UV and Light Protection for Sensitive Substances

Biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars, blood products, vaccines and vitamin preparations are extremely light-sensitive and UV rays may impair their effectiveness and thus pose potential health risks to patients. To protect these sensitive liquid substances in transparent glass containers, Schreiner MediPharm developed a novel label concept for UV and light protection at various safety levels.

Plastic free pet food packaging

The leading family owned British Pet Food manufacturer, Butcher’s since its formation in 1987 have been concerned with the health of our environment, culminating in the recent launch of its “Towards a better plastic-free future” initiative. 


A flexible, cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging

Convenient new aluminium can

The news single serve can from Ardhagh


Clip Jar is a reliable and cost-effective solution

Innovative twist lock

An innovative packaging solution has been developed by Charpak’s Technical and Engineering Team. The patented Twist-Loc container is manufactured from 75% recycled PET, including a minimum of 50% food grade recycled materials.

New look for iced coffee packaging

One of the most original, and most eye-catching metal can designs of 2019 was recently unveiled at the launch of luxury iced coffee brand Gaya Gold Coffee
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Building Sustainable Roads: Dow Strengthens Indonesia’s Plastics Waste Management Efforts

With a goal to reduce marine debris and advance a circular economy, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics (P&SP), a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company , has announced a joint effort with The Indonesian Aromatic & Plastic Olefin Industry Association (INAPLAS); Indonesia Plastic Recycling Association (ADUPI); PT Polytama Propindo (Indonesia PP Manufacturing); the Bandung Institute o

Dual-Mix®, the innovative solution for error-free reconstitution

Drugs which are unstable in solution have, until today, been packaged in powder or lyophilizate form in glass bottles. They then need to be reconstituted at the patient's bedside, or in the hospital pharmacy, in aseptic conditions. There are many errors and accidents linked to reconstitutions which pose a real

P&G launches ingenious Eco Box design for Tide

The Tide Eco-Box is the ground breaking new product launch from P&G in Fabric Care’s division for E-Commerce. The new Tide Eco-Box uses less packaging, contains 60% less plastic and 30% less water than the conventional pack available.

Flat profile wine bottle

RPC M&H Plastics have designed a uniquely shaped flat wine bottle for UK’s Garçon Wines which is a unthought-of design and is developed such that bottle that easily pass through the rectangular letterbox shape  in the doors of U.K. homes and offices. It is an innovation that can solve the problems in online retail sector in U.K. that results in huge losses to packaging industry.

Respiratory Medical Devices for babies

An innovative medical device to help babies get relieved from irritating running nose.

Why Eco-Friendly Packaging Most Used In 2018

In this modern world where everything is growing so fast, there are also some things, which are getting decreased. One of them is the purity and cleanliness from the environment. This is because of the usage of so many different harmful chemicals and material. Like we use plastic bags and many other harmful materials like that which are not easily recyclable.

SBB board with security feature

An innovative product with security feature in raw material

H1 Single Bliser Pack

Customized design for right packaging needs for various products

Airless packaging with a pop

Quadpack offers a packaging solution from Yonwoo that adds a sensory level to the experience: Capsule Airless

Medical Packaging Pouch

PRO-POUCH® Medical Packaging Pouch and Pouchstock

ACU-Drop® II- A patented packaging innovation revolutionizing quality control in the IVD market

Eurotrol a Netherland based company specialist in custom-made quality control solutions for in vitro diagnostics has developed an innovative, dual chambered device that keeps different parts or fractions separated from each other thus preventing reactions between components of the desired matrix.  


FFS with MAP

Fillchoice Bag

It is a new concept of compounding pharmacy: you can manipulate and reconstitute the drug directly in the bag, with no need for dedicated clean rooms.

New child-resistant flexible zipper innovation by ZipPak

Zip-Pak® the global leader in flexible zipper packaging is introducing its new innovation in zipper technology with Safety-Lok™ which is a child-resistant slider zipper. It works on a clip type mechanism that allows the package to be opened from any position that creates a wide-mouth opening for easy dispensing of product contents.  

Potato-in-Potato Packaging

Fries companies produce a lot of potato peels waste. The idea of this project is to use this waste material in order to create a street food packaging. The potato peel is made up of starches and fibers components, which after maceration and natural drying, acquire the ability to bond with each other and harden.

Specialty papers for label and packaging

Special papers with verstaile properties and usage in various applications of food, pharma and other.

Mini Lipstick

The pack is ideal for sampling purpose

Double packaging for liquid and viscous products

Patented flexible packaging double stand-up pouch

Neon Colour Cups

New striking neon coloured cups for various applications that attracts customers instantly.

Sustainable Stand up Pack

X-EnviroPouch’s stand-up properties create greater display flexibility for retailers. This is further enhanced by a wider choice of pouch sizes, while a choice of white or natural film along with a gloss or matt print fi nish allow aesthetically pleasing designs that maximise brand image and on-shelf impact.

Be Green Packaging Company innovates packaging from molded fibers

Be Green Packaging headquartered in Atlanta. U.S. offers high quality compostable food packaging that is a sustainable alternative to plastic, paper and polystyrene foam.


The Recon Cap from Origin provides a simple solution to the challenges of reconstituted drugs, allowing the dry preparation to be contained safely and securely in the same package as the measured solution


SmartX is certified reclosable Child-Resistant Carton Box for keeping blister packs safe from kids. Keep blister trays safe from children with this tear resistant container that stops kids from gaining access to the contents, making it safe for pharmaceutical & medical packaging.

BUBBLE: The easily identifiable Beverage can for you

Design: Chia, Yu-Hsuan Project Type: Concept Location: Taipei, Taiwan Packaging Contents: Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum Printing Process: Digital printing  

Second life to Pizza Hut packaging

Under the scope of the World Cup, DS Smith worked in close collaboration with Pizza Hut in Portugal, to provide a second life to pizza packages during this period.

Aseptic Carton Bottle

Tetrapak's latest innovation a aseptic carton bottle - Tetra Evero®

Drop & Taste

The new Drop & Taste is a patented developed by simlesys Spa. where the lid has been eliminated and replaced with a special top film guarantee an easy opening, easy pouring of the liquid and a perfect re-closing. The focus is on the eco-friendly technology.

Ultra Clear PP

Highly clear PP grades for variety of end product applications.

Covert-Hologram Seal Offers Tamper Protection Conforming to EU Directive

Schreiner MediPharm’s multifunctional Covert-Hologram Seal with an irreversible, holographic effect offers reliable first-opening indication and tamper evidence, plus counterfeiting protection, and complies with the requirements of the EU Directive. 

Online Packaging Management Solution

An easy and efficient solution to manage packaging systems and operations

New Alu Alu blister film by Uflex

A polyester film by Uflex that can replace the top and bottom substrates of the conventional cold formed Alu–Alu laminate in blister packaging.



Clever Caps

Clever Caps are an interesting cap with reusable featue due to their special design

Foldable on-the-go pack

Foldable feature of the pack gives user convenience in handling the products during travel

Water Repellent Aluminum Lid

An innovative Aluminum lid for cups and other rigid packs that give water repellent features hence product does not stick with the top lid.

Unit Dose Machines

Packaging machines to form unit dose packs

Tablets and Capsules in Side Seal Pouches

Machine for handling tablets and capsules of versatile sizes to be packed in pouches


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