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SealAcross - Innovative reseal technology

SealAcross is easy to use, tamper evident and opens full width for easy access to the product

Tetra Pak to research uses for graphene in the packaging industry

Multinational food packaging company Tetra Pak will be exploring the possible future applications of graphene in food and beverage manufacturing as the exclusive representative from the packaging industry at the European Commission Graphene Flagship project.

ChemCycling™ sources feedstock from plastic waste to produce food contact approved material

Creating flexible packaging from virgin grade material derived from plastic waste is now taking a step towards reality in a pilot project called ChemCycling

Personalized packaging technology through photonic printing

In Photonic Printing, a functional coating containing patented DataLase laser reactive pigment is applied as a patch using traditional print methods, such as flexography or gravure.    

A sustainable packaging solution for baby formula

While breast milk cannot simply be replicated, powdered formula represents the best possible alternative for many mothers who cannot or decide not to breastfeed. This substitute form of nutrition, which is typically retailed in powdered form, is subject to the strictest conditions and generally provides everything required for a baby’s healthy development.

Innovative tear-off solution for cardboard-plastic packaging

Cardboard-plastic combinations have already made a strong impression for a number of years, delivering a positive environmental impact thanks to their recyclability and extremely ecofriendly properties. To make it even easier for consumers to separate the cardboard and plastic, Greiner Packaging teamed up with cardboard packaging and labeling firm Offsetdruckerei.

Schur Flexibles at Packaging Innovations 2019

Schur Flexibles Group presents innovative and sustainable packaging solutions at Packaging Innovations 2019

5 Eco-Friendly Packaging Materials Alternatives

Packaging is necessary for safe shipping and handling. Plastic and Styrofoam packaging, however, it determines to our environment. To reduce packaging waste and decrease carbon footprint, here is best Eco-Friendly packaging alternatives.

Easy-Pak - A Large Volume Box

easy‑pak is a large volume box with automatic bottom that amongst other things substantially reduces the amounts of material and freight space compared with standard A-boxes

Metallised inkjet paper for extraordinary labels

With the launch of brand-new jetscript METAL VPG 1018, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is bringing something absolutely unique to the market: a metallic-silver-gloss inkjet paper, developed for water-based inkjet printing and particularly suitable for self-adhesive label applications.


The path from fundamental research to the finished product involves an ultimate challenge, packaging innovation. This is what ensures that the product will be delivered in the best conditions of performance, safety and practicality.

Ready to Drink Coffee in Cans

Ardagh’s beverage cans deliver the cold brew coffee revolution to aficionados everywhere, from lightly sparkling to nitrogen-infused beverages  

SealAcross - Easy Reseal

SealAcross is easy to use, tamper evident and opens full width for easy access to the product

Used paper cups turn into high-quality products

The high-quality fiber used in our paper cups can be recycled and used up to seven times before being composted or used to generate electricity. We lead and participate in several initiatives around the world to increase the recycling of paper cups.

Intranasal decongestant nasal spray

Advancia® embodies a major breakthrough in nasal drug delivery by providing patients with a user-friendly package and a convenient anti-clogging technology

Light Weight Aluminum Cans

In combining new levels of sustainability with performance and customer benefits, Ardagh Metal Beverage Europe’s lightweight aluminium cans illustrate the way in which the company aims to lead by example – by investing in innovation which pays dividends in that most valuable of currencies, environmental savings.

Que-Water bottle’s spiral shape reduces it to half its size

A new water bottle design aims to improve consumer convenience as well as encourage pack reuse. The design may create structural design opportunities for the on-the-go beverage packaging market. The leak-proof and shockproof Que Bottle is made from silicone and its spiral shape allows it to be collapsed to around half of its original size.

CheeseStick: Brand new lean portion shape for processed cheese

New processed cheese portion shape to create differentiation in shelf & bring new consumption ritual at home or on the go.

Unilever meets consumer preference for natural and healthier foods in Flextrus paper packaging

An increasing interest in healthy living means consumers look for natural products and more ‘free-from’ products enter the market. A newcomer on the UK market is the Colman’s range of seasoning blends developed by Unilever and packed in a unique paper material from Flextrus.

PACXPERT™ PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY: A flexible, cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging

PacXpert™ Packaging Technology is an innovative technology that enables the transition from larger traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging.

Sustainable paper-based packaging solution for food trays

Mondi and REWE Group in Austria focus on sustainability and better recyclability REWE Group, one of the biggest retailers in Austria, is packing its premium cheese products of its organic brand Ja! Natürlich with a new patented solution from leading packaging and paper group, Mondi.

Change the tape not the pack


Olay To Become the First Mass Retail Skincare Brand to Test Refillable Packaging

Announced by Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of P&G, and Virginie Helias, Chief Sustainability Officer of P&G, at the 2019 Sustainable Brands Conference on June 5 in Detroit, Olay will pilot a new way of shopping for skincare that could dramatically reduce the amount of plastic used in the beauty category.

Unilever unveils first wrapper-less ice-cream multipack for Solero Organic Peach

Pioneering trial sees 35% less plastic in Solero Organic Peach pack compared to original Solero Organic pack The trial is part of Unilever’s #GetPlasticWise ‘Five Point Plastic Plan’ which aims to rethink plastic


PolyOne has announced the launch of its new Smartbatch™ Frost Collection, a translucent color series for PET bottle.

Stacking up the sales!

Whenever you want to stack Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) or display units, on fixture or off shelf, Trayzer® helps shoppers see your product and make your presentation compelling. Whenever shoppers can shop more easily, the sales stack up!

Dow and Menshen bring sustainable design to spouted pouches

Dow and Menshen, announce the new transformative Reverse Spout Sealing Technology that enables the production of spouted pouches made of mono-material films.

Tiny biodegradable circuits for releasing painkillers inside the body

EPFL(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) researchers have developed biodegradable microresonators that can be heated locally with a wireless system. Doctors could soon be using them in implants to control the release of painkillers within tissue.

Titan: The masculine pack

PACKAGE SPECS: An adaptable design. Two actuators options. Wide actuator is ideal for masculine designs.

MENSHEN and Dow bring sustainable design to spouted pouches

Innovative sealing technology to enable the manufacture of mono-material spouted pouches that are designed for recyclability and help advance plastic circularity goals. 

Single Use Inhaler - Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI)

"Single use inhaler on a thermoformed blister basis, completely manufactured on one blister machine, primary and secondary packaging. Contains an air intake, mouth piece, powder enclosure & opening system. Allows patients to always have a new device."
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Henkel introduces recyclable black plastic packaging

Together with its supplier Ampacet, a global provider of masterbatch, Henkel is developing an innovative solution for black plastic packaging that is fully recyclable.

New gas-tight tray from Stora Enso and AR Packaging to reduce plastic in chilled food packaging

AR Packaging has introduced a gas-tight pressed board tray packaging for chilled foods based on technology developed together with Stora Enso.

Starpack Gold Award for the e-commerce Morocco Gold packaging

Last June the 27th, the Morocco Gold manufacturer won a Starpack Gold Award at London for its e-commerce packaging designed and produced by DS Smith consumer France in the 'Consumer experience - Home delivery' category.

RetroNose to enhance therapeutic efficacy of nasal treatments

The clinical efficacy of a nasal treatment depends on how it is deposited in the nose, because the pharmaceutical target (local, systemic, brain) is directly related to a specific nasal anatomical site.

DS Smith develops innovative seasonal presentation for Carl Pabst

The attractive seasonal presentation by DS Smith skilfully stages Carl Pabst seeds at the point of sale.

Innovative Nanopack film extends cherries and bread shelf life by over 40%, latest tests show

Fresh cherries, which were packed in NanoPack antimicrobial film, containing low concentration of various natural essential oils, exhibited an increased shelf life of 40%.

DS Smith Plastics Injection Moulding Business Introduces Loop Ready Packaging

How a return to packaging’s past can drive the circular economy of tomorrow

Micro: Airless Packaging by Aptar Group, Inc.

Every packaging professional whether in Consumer Packaged Goods industry or in Pharmaceutical company craves for using airless dispensing of products such as creams and lotions for various obvious reasons.

Baguette, innovative protective apple packaging

No more loose, bruised, unsellable apples!

Snapsil® dispensing pack

Open and dispense with one hand

DS Smith Tecnicarton designs a returnable packaging for airbags

The solution by DS Smith Tecnicarton represents a 30% saving in time and a 40% saving in cost with respect to the packaging used until now.

Skin Protect: A revolutionary airless product

Preserve the integrity of your formula with the most advanced airless protection against bacteria and oxidation.

RPC Promens creates an innovative dispensing solution

RPC Promens creates an innovative dispensing solution for the AdBlue diesel engine fluid from Brenntag

Beauty Tube (LAT AM)

Beauty Tubes offer portable airless packaging for makeup and skin care. FEATURES & BENEFITS: Portable pack solution. Ideal for makeup and creams. Gentle activation process. Albion Mini, Caresse and Albion upper parts. Tube maker : Qualitec and Wista, coex technology.

New blister packaging technology developed for GSK

Amcor worked in partnership with GSK and machine manufacturer CAM-Partena, to evolve the packaging for this product which is highly sensitive to moisture. This collaboration resulted in a solution based on the Formpack® Dessiflex Ultra, a desiccated blister system with a special lidding foil

DS Smith Plastics designs Fillbee returnable beverage pack

Fillbee is a Returnable Beverage Pack Designed to Eliminate Consumer Waste

Thatchers Introduces Lighter Weight Cans

Thatchers has introduced new, lighter weight cans for its cider, it is estimated to save the equivalent of 5.9 million empty cans a year.

DS Smith to trial world’s first compostable, water-resistant cardboard bird boxes

The leading supplier of sustainable packaging solutions has created an innovative solution for the UK’s bird population.

DataLase Launches New Coating for Flexible Packaging Printers

DataLase, the global leader in Photonic Printing solutions, has released a new solvent-based range of functional coatings for flexible packaging printers. The development extends the company’s range from flexographic printing to include gravure printing applications and boosts the company’s activity in the high growth flexible packaging sector around the world.


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