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Haselmeier is a premium partner in the field of self-administration of pharmaceuticals through the design and development of innovative drug delivery technology. Our commitment is to improve patient's health and quality of life.
We value our customer relationships and are committed to being responsive to our customer's needs. We also encourage employee creativity and innovation.
We act openly, honestly and comply with our social, legal and environmental responsibilities.
We engage our employees in the continuous improvement of our business by recognizing their success and by rewarding them with increased responsibility and authority. We create an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity, resourcefulness by dealing with everyone in an open and ethical manner.


1920 - Wilhelm Haselmeier is founded in Stuttgart and is specialized in the development of glass syringes as well as stethoscopes
1963 - Haselmeier develops and produces the first auto injector for the use with glass insulin cartridges. Next generations are developed for other indications.
1978 - Haselmeier opens its production facility in Buchen
1993 - Start of pen injector franchise and launch of automatic multi-dose reusable injector. This injector will be first use for insulin therapies. Later Haselmeier launches this pen under its own brand Diapen™.
1998 - Haselmeier develops its first disposable pen for an injection of multiple fixed doses under the platform named Penlet. Its first application will be for the injection of Low Molecular Weight Heparin (Novartis, G.L. Pharma).
2001 - Haselmeier’s automatic reusable injector is expended into growth hormone therapy. The one.click® (Merck Serono) is launched worldwide.
2002 - Haselmeier establishes a manufacturing site in Dnešice, Czech Republic for metal turning and for pen assembly.
2005 - German launch of the BerliPen® (Berlin-Chemie) areo for the injection of insulin. The BerliPen® is based on the i-pen platform, a reusable variable dose pen injector.
2007 - Launch of the iTango® (Sanofi) insulin pen in Japan.
2008 - Launch of the BerliPen® areo 2 (Berlin-Chemie)
2009 - Launch of the TactiPen® (Sanofi) insulin pen in Europe and Launch of the BerliPen® Junior (Berlin-Chemie) / Half Unit Pen.
2010 - Haselmeier opens new manufacturing site in the Czech Republic.
2011 - Haselmeier launched the first application of its Axis-D platform commissioned by its customer Merck Serono. The INSUPen ® (Biocon) is launched in India as a reusable pen for insulin therapy.
2012 - Haselmeier acquires its new facility in Bangalore, India. Completed facility extension in Buchen, Germany.
2013 - Haselmeier establishes Haselmeier Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Haselmeier GmbH, in the United States.
2014 - Launch of the JuniorSTAR® (Sanofi) Half Unit Pen in Europe

What we do for Haselmeier in India

Business Opportunity Identification with major pharma companies Regional support to participate in exhibitions, events, conferences and symposia Product selection and development
Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination

USP / Why Choose Haselmeier

    Manufacturing – Product integrity is assured by Haselmeier’s manufacturing processes-
  • We are the specialist in manufacture of small and mid-size volumes and complex system assembly
  • Compliance with applied standards EN ISO 13485:2003
  • All new device concepts are created with our “Integrated Design Approach” focusing not only on the device, but also on the easy and efficiency of manufacture and assembly
    Regulatory – Haselmeier has experience working with regulatory authorities around the world and can assist with client’s device registration-
  • Class I, IIa, IIb devices within EU
  • Combination products
  • Compliance with FDA quality system requirements
  • 510 (k), Master File
  • Japan PAL
    Quality – Haselmeier is dedicated to full quality assurance –
  • TUV product services certified quality assurance system
  • Certified according to Part II Section 3 of the Directive 83/42/EEC on Medical Devices (Re-certification according to the new Directive 2007/47 EEC 03/2010)
  • CE certification by TUV SUD Product Services
  • Suppliers qualified according to international standards


At Haselmeier we combine experience and flexibility to develop injection devices meeting the specific requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers and patients.




Axis – D Pen System


India’s pharmaceutical industry is growing globally and need high quality packaging support too. Packaging Connections helps pharmaceutical packaging companies to do business in India using our vast one to one direct packaging network. Since Haselmeier is the global supplier of Injectables and is able to fill the gap between locally available material, adding value to the business. So we support their activities in India locally. We are Haselmeier’s Indian partners to establish their business in India.


Business Opportunity Identification

We have proven studies at Haselmeier products and capabilities. We also listen to customers in India and then offer the right products from Haselmeier or see which new products can be developed.

Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services

Once the selection of the packaging materials is made, we coordinate the trials as well as offer the technical services locally.

Regulatory Support and Documentation for US FDA or EU Needs

As India is exporting globally, we also support the companies to get the necessary documentation for the regulated markets like US, Europe etc.

Product Selection and Development

We help Indian pharmaceutical companies to make the right packaging selection from Haselmeier and in case, its not available then we also look at the possibility of developing the new products.

Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination

Once all the selection is done, we then work on the commercials like booking the order and then coordinating the delivery, forecasting, after sales service etc.,



Sandeep Kumar Goyal

Founder & CEO

Chhavi Aggarwal

Associate - Research & Business Consulting

Bhaskar Ch

Technical Advisor - e-Business & Technology

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