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Pharmasafe India 2020

4th Annual Pharmasafe India brings together over 150 Delegates and Speakers representing cross-section of all stakeholders- business leaders from top Pharmaceutical companies, eminent experts in anti-counterfeiting technology, Government & regulatory authorities, Customs, investigators, legal experts, consultants and leading industry bodies at a common platform to enable discussions, sharing of insights, best practices and  strategies to tackle the Counterfeiting challenge.


Key Topics of Discussions - 

  • Protecting your Brand from Counterfeiting- Enriching Your Brand Protection Team and Plan
  • Role of blockchain in fighting falsified drugs in India
  • Effective authentication technologies & implementation of track & trace solutions in production and supply chain
  • Role of RFID & Micro Tagging in identifying substandard drugs
  • Advances in Packaging Solutions:  Staying ahead of falsified drug manufacturers
  • Online pharmaceutical trade, theft, and counterfeit exposures
  • Implication of falsified medicines on patients & strategies for pharmaceutical organizations


Contact Details - Richa Lall | | +91 9999568593

Thursday, April 23, 2020 - 05:30