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Pack to the Future 6

Pack to the Future 6 with the title Polymers in Packaging at the University of Birmingham is going to take place on 16th March in the afternoon. There will be good speakers and subjects to encourage a good discussion. Speakers include Mike Jenkins from the University, Terry Cooper, expert on biodegradable materials, Tony Hancock, chair of the environmental committee of the Packaging Society, Andy Sweetman from Innovia Films and a speaker from Friends of the Earth. This event will cover various topics like Sustainability and Biodegradability in Polymers for Packaging, Key Issues of Post Consumer Recycling , Bio-based and Biodegradable Packaging Materials, The Role of Multilayer Plastic Packaging in Sustainability, Where do biodegradable materials provide the best fit within the flexible packaging arena?, Plastics and Concerns, Sustainability – The Circular Economy and Foot Printing, what does it mean for Plastics?

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