METPACK is an international event dedicated to metal packaging industry. In 2017, 9th edition of this event is scheduled to organise from 02 to 06 May. This event is organised in every three years. The market leaders and many specialised companies from the metal packaging industry present their innovations at the world's leading fair in Essen.

Along with exhibition this event will feature a conference. The registration deadline for this conference is 31May, 2016. This event will also feature METPACK INNOVATION AWARD .This is a renowned METPACK Innovation Award which demonstrates what great innovation can be found in the metal packaging industry - since the award is given to particularly future oriented developments presented at the fair.

This event will showcase Machines and equipment for the manufacture of cans, can ends, caps, tubes and containers, drums and drum closures, Equipment for surface treatment, painting and printing equipment, drying ovens, Can filling and closing equipment, additional equipment for can and cap production lines, Pollution control and cleaning appliances, recycling, noise protection, Packaging production, Secondary packaging equipment and materials, Secondary transport equipment, Storage equipment , Raw materials and consumables & Services. For more information visit:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 to Saturday, May 6, 2017

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