Carry handle tape

Carry Handle Tape is a special self-adhesive tape, with unique hot- melt adhesive, especially developed by Davik lab for this use.


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Davik is a worldwide known manufacturer of self-adhesive tapes, founded in 1983. Davik offers a full range of specialty tapes, ranging from the company’s world-renowned, directly printable Presto Print, to Carry Handle tapes, Resealable tape, double-sided tapes, strapping tapes, freezer tape (printable), heavy-duty packaging tape, security tapes, metal detection splicing tape and non-residue printable low tack tape. Davik is placing a strong emphasis on R&D. The company continually upgrades its technology, materials, and know-how. Most of the products manufactured are based on our innovation and our ability to find the exact solution to meet our customers’ demands.

Quality is our top priority and our initial concern is to provide a quality solution for every customer.

What do we do for DAVIK in India

• Business Opportunity Identification with main client

• Product selection and development

• Regional support to participate in exhibitions, events, conferences and symposia

• Final Sales Order Booking and Coordination

• Product Trials, Recommendations, Technical Services

• We are the exclusive partners for DAVIK in India

• Opportunity identification with Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, CPG, Retails, Hypermarkets, Cosmetic and other special sectors.


The carry handle tape can be applied on different packs. For this, Davik has developed different adhesive formulas. It makes the solution versatile, compatible with different kind of packs. Possible surfaces to be used on:

• Shrink film or any kind of PE pack (multipack)
• PET (bottles)
• Carton
• Flexible package
• Can be used in stores where big packs are sold and for specialized retail stores (toys, electronics, pet food, and many more).

How to apply carry handles

The carry handle can be applied either automatically or manually.

• Carry handles are developed such that they could be worked with all automated application machines existing on the market.

• Detachable carry handles are the unique development of Davik’s R&D. Each carry handle has an easy-to-tear point mark that allows fast release of a handle.

• Manually in retail stores, cashier could apply it in only a few seconds. .

Customization of carry handles

Carry Handle tape can be adjusted to customer’s requirements, according to the pack it is applied on.

What can be changed?

• Length of the handle
• Length of the laminate (grab insert)
• Laminate material
• Laminate printed message
• Adhesive type

Contact our team to know the correct carry handle tape for your product!Contact our team to know the correct carry handle tape for your product!

Why choose us?

Target Industries

  • Beverage manufacturer
  • Toilet paper manufacturer
  • Any industry packing multipacks for final consumer
  • Retail -to use at cashier point for bulky packs
  • Manufacturing – to use during fast line production for different items
  • Delivery companies – for saving time for their employees
  • Manufacturers who sell co-pack of two different products
  • Manufacturers of bulky and heavy packs
  • Toys retail/manufacturer
  • And more…

Carry Handles contribute to sustainability goals

(1) Minimizing unnecessary usage of plastic bags

(2) Can be used in a retail store instead of plastic bag

  • Applied in seconds
  • Convenient for handling the pack

(3) When used in automatic line

  • Customer can reduce shrink thickness
  • This way both save money + less material usage

Benefits of Carry Handle Tapes

  • Increases consumer satisfaction from the product.
  • Cost-saving: packaging with carry handle is cheaper compared to alternative packaging.
  • More secure handling of the product, especially large or oversized bundles or packages.
  • Additional advertising space on the handle itself.
  • Sustainability - reducing the usage of plastic, supporting clear environment goal (both by private labels and by retail).
  • Highly flexible in terms of packaging (measurement and application) & promotional message printing.

Carry handle tape

Here’s the short video showing the basics about carry handles’ concept: