A clever technology, enabling shoppers to read wine labels written in any language will soon become the standard among savvy shoppers, according to digital marketing specialist Dave Chaffey. 

Dotz is an Australian-listed and Israel-based tech company which has developed proprietary marking, tracing and verification technology. ValiDotz™ security markers are non-toxic, carbon-based markers that can be easily mixed into plastics, coatings, inks, and varnishes to create product-specific codes.

NanoPack study has showed consumers are ready to adopt nanotechnology in active food packaging.

A transparent ink ‘fingerprint’ which can be sprayed onto products and read by a smartphone to combat counterfeiting has been developed by researchers at the University of Copenhagen. The system, from the University of Copenhagen’s Nano-Science Center, is based on physical unclonable function (PUF) technology.

A new product from international cap manufacturer Ramondin and tesa scribos, specialists in product digitalisation, produces wine and spirit bottles that are digitally connected. The new bottle caps become a secure starting point for customer interaction, counterfeit protection and collection of market data.

Schreiner MediPharm has combined its expertise in sophisticated specialty labels and integrated solutions with that of folding box manufacturer Edelmann—the result is the demo version of smart medicine packaging provided with the integrated digital features “BitSecure,” “NFC” and “Speech-Code.”

Smart Ways to Engage, Influence, and Convert Thoughout the Consumer Journey

Whitepaper published in September 2018 by NFC Forum (all rights reserved)

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Vertical Tabs

Thimm, the German-based packaging and POS specialist, has developed a display that uses an invisible code to open up new channels for communicating with customers for the launch of  a new mueslis brand

A Chicago based tech startup, Ovie,  is launching a series of products on Kickstarter to help people stop wasting food and money by keeping track of their food at home before it spoils. The Ovie Smarterware system turns an ordinary fridge into a smart fridge, but without the smart fridge price tag, says the company.


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