Schreiner MediPharm has combined its expertise in sophisticated specialty labels and integrated solutions with that of folding box manufacturer Edelmann—the result is the demo version of smart medicine packaging provided with the integrated digital features “BitSecure,” “NFC” and “Speech-Code.”

Smart Ways to Engage, Influence, and Convert Thoughout the Consumer Journey

Whitepaper published in September 2018 by NFC Forum (all rights reserved)

Vertical Tabs

Thimm, the German-based packaging and POS specialist, has developed a display that uses an invisible code to open up new channels for communicating with customers for the launch of  a new mueslis brand

A Chicago based tech startup, Ovie,  is launching a series of products on Kickstarter to help people stop wasting food and money by keeping track of their food at home before it spoils. The Ovie Smarterware system turns an ordinary fridge into a smart fridge, but without the smart fridge price tag, says the company.

The new "Smart Vial Kit" enables electronic tracking and monitroing of medication dispensing and intake.

One of the leading global brand in the logistics industry, DHL, assures that temperature-sensitive international shipments are transported within authorised conditions.

DuraSense biocomposites, Lineo lignin and the e-TALES online retail packaging portfolio are recently launched examples of innovative, competitive solutions based on renewable materials, all introduced by Stora Enso.

NFC tags on packaging tell the induction pad how long to heat food items or drinks

Contaminated produce continues to cause illness and even death in many parts of the world. Now a new type of smart food packaging may help to prevent food-borne illnesses from E.coli and other pathogens. Scientists at McMaster University in Canada have developed packaging that monitors for bacteria in food and emits a fluorescent signal if they are detected. Findings were recently published in ACS Nano.


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