Smart Labels

A clever technology, enabling shoppers to read wine labels written in any language will soon become the standard among savvy shoppers, according to digital marketing specialist Dave Chaffey. 

In the United States, syringes should be used with safety devices to protect healthcare staff against the risk of needlestick
injuries. B. Braun Medical was looking for an efficient and safe needle protection solution for its prefilled Heparin Sodium
Injection and found it in Needle-Trap from Schreiner MediPharm.

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular - in Germany, their number has nearly doubled in the last three years, according to the Federal Statistical Office. The importance of developing powerful and robust electric motors and precautions against tampering and pirating has grown accordingly. Schreiner ProTech delivers solutions for protection against weather and mechanical impact, for marking, and for authentication of Brose's e-bike drive systems.

Labels on packaging for pharmaceuticals have evolved into high-tech products featuring a wide range of functionalities. A brand new marking solution for syringes and smart labels with integrated NFC technology will be showcased as special highlights by Schreiner MediPharm at interpack in Hall 7A, Stand B02. We would like to invite you to obtain first-hand information about these innovations in personal meetings with our experts.


Pharma-Multi-Act: Innovative Syringe Label with Practical First-Opening Protection

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