UK-based manufacturer of recyclable paper-based packaging, Frugalpac, has added another innovative option to its range of sustainable coffee cups, introducing the Frugal Cup Linerless.

Starting with 1 litre laundry liquid bottles, 75% of each bottle will be made from plastic sourced from recycled milk, juice and water bottles. The new bottles will be manufactured in New Zealand by Pact subsidiary Alto and will be available on shelf from October 2018.

A knowledge-based company focused on packaging solutions that help our customers achieve their goals. Their portfolio of widely recognized brands, including Cryovac® brand food packaging solutions and Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning, enable a safer and less wasteful food supply chain and protect valuable goods shipped around the world.

A few years ago, Ball introduced ReAl™ - a revolutionary technology utilizing recycled aluminium to create a metal alloy that exhibits increased strength and allows weight reduction of the container without affecting package integrity. The original ReAl, which replaced the standard aluminium aerosol can, included 25 percent recycled material to yield an 11 percent lighter package.

Brussels, 11 October 2018 – Yesterday the European Parliament’s Environment Committee voted on single-use plastics. EUROPEN supports policy objectives that address the problem of plastic pollution and reiterates the packaging supply chain’s active work to further improve the circularity of all packaging, including plastics. We welcome MEPs’ efforts to improve the proposal’s coherence with other EU rules on waste and packaging and to ensure that the Internal Market is safeguarded.

The AMP Cortex, identifies, grabs and sorts food and beverage cartons from the recycling stream so they can be sent to recyclers and turned into new materials, such as tissues, paper towels and other paper materials, as well as sustainable building and construction materials. Once fully operational, the robot will be able to pick up 60 cartons per minute (or more), considerably more than a human’s average pickup rate of 40.

Figures for packaging recycling in the second quarter of the year have revealed that the UK is well on the way to meet its targets, despite concerns over China’s crackdown on imports.

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