plastic closure

A number of new products being showcased on the Silgan Closures stand at Drinktec will underline the company’s extensive capabilities in the development of both metal and plastic closure solutions for the drink and food markets.


In its plastic closure ranges, the company will be demonstrating its pioneering technology for the bottled water market with a new sealing system for five gallon containers that improves hygiene levels while delivering important sustainability benefits, as well as a new Flip Top sports cap for on-the- go beverages.


Cutting-edge technology creates luxury packaging for the global leader in the skin care market and provides on-shelf appeal. Global Closure Systems (GCS) manufactures new bi-injected plastic jar packaging which replace glass packs. The shatterproof jars have been designed to improve consumer safety while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the product and brand recognition. Substituting plastic for glass offers practical advantages both for the end user and the supply chain.

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