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As it was announced Peli BioThermal is the winner of a Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation, key members of the Peli BioThermal team will be sharing knowledge and insight into industry issues and the latest solutions serving the pharma supply chain at the three-day conference, in Switzerland on April 25 - 27 2017. Peli BioThermal, which prides itself on its culture of innovation and the design of pioneering products, is celebrating the news the company has received Royal recognition as winners in the UK’s most prestigious enterprise awards.

Noida, 15 february 2017: conventionally polyvinyl chloride (pvc) and bi-axially oriented polyamide, bopa (commonly known as bon) films have been extensively used in cold formed pharma packaging industry. A typical alu – alu blister laminate comprises three layers i.e. 25 micron bopa/ 60 micron soft aluminium foil / 60 micron pvc.


Eliminating bopa and pvc films in the cold formed alu- alu laminate blister pack for pharmaceuticals has for long remained a daunting task for packaging experts.


This child-proof packaging manufactured by a&r carton for orion pharma oy sileo, a medicine for dogs.

Quick reviews of high quality packaging designs helps AstraZeneca get products to market faster

Sao Paulo (Brazil), 29 June 2016 – Time to market is very important for any brand owner. If all stakeholders in the chain can review packaging faster, it allows the product to be approved for release sooner. By using Esko Studio (, Brazilian executives at AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company, are able to review virtual 3D models of new packaging that are developed by its designers quickly and easily. 

James Lee, the Director of Technology and Innovation for Jones Packaging of London demonstrates a new prescription drug packaging that includes near-field communication (NFC) that will allow the user with a cell phone to read information about the drug on an cell phone app.

West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.'s SmartDose electronic patch injector system technology includes a Daikyo Crystal Zenith® polymer cartridge, a plunger with Flurotec® barrier film, a telescoping plunger rod, and an electronic drive and control system. It has been designed and tested to ensure patient-friendly delivery of high volumes of medication over an extended period of time, and is currently available to support customer clinical studies.


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