paperboard packaging

Customizable Ecoslide-RX packaging design seen as a tool to combatongoingopioid crisis

Newark, NJ –Keystone Folding Box Co., a designer and cGMP manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has developed a modified, customizable version of itsEcosite-RXprescription blister package to address the nation’s ongoingopioid epidemic. The updated Ecoslide-RX packageis designed to limit dosages in an effort to curb overdoses while providing added benefits for safe dispensing.

In the world of packaging it is sometimes complicated to achieve something that looks simple, minimalist and elegant. The paperboard cartons for Jimmy Choo’s L’EAU that was launched in summer 2017 is a clear example of this. Its colour is pale pink apart from the brand, the name of the contents, and the fact that it is an eau de toilette. Yet the packaging has passed through twelve finishing stages.​


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