Rondo has developed a carton that is made exclusively of carton board and therefore with excellent sustainability.

PushPop is an innovative, patented stand-up pack with a novel easy opening system which does not affect barrier integrity.

Bemis Latin America has developed printed coldform for Doril Enxaqueca medicine.

A unique package for Emmi’s “All In One Fondü”, a ready-to-eat cheese fondue, delivers the cheese dip in a microwaveable metal bowl with an easy-peel opening made of aluminium foil. The lid comprises Amcor Flexibles’ AluFix® Retort Pro membrane, which is part of Ardagh Group’s convenient lid system Easy Peel®.

improved resealable packaging as compared to Bemis’ SmartTack EZ Peel Reseal technology.

Easy erect is a corrugated tray with a laminated PET inner liner.

by taking over the polish bahpol company, südpack is extending its capacity in the printing area.

pet rigid packaging manufacturer appe has launched a new fully seethrough bagonvalve aerosol system.

schott adaptiq system for readytouse pharmaceutical vials. 

packaging features an overall effect echoes a sparkling diamond. 


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