Amcor flexibles americas offers a products called fortis breather bag. It is improved header opening for end user convenience, better breath ability and reduction in cycle and aeration time for ethylene oxide sterilisation, eliminates particulate generated from heat seal coatings.

BLISTair is claimed to be the world’s first thermoformed dry powder inhaler developed by Perlen Packaging.

Coles have developed a unique cap for a sauce bottle that has a basting applicator integrated into the product packaging, allowing the customer to directly baste food during the cooking process.

Rollprint offers AUTOBAHN material which brings a new generation of flow wrap packaging. This material is an ultra-fast sealing version of original flow wrap with the added benefit of being easier to open as compared to traditional aluminum foil flow wrap structures.

Bemis Healthcare Packaging has engineered a child resistant pouch for the safe disposal of transdermal patches and inhalers.

This multidose delivery cap is safe and easy to use. Safety, practicality, ergonomics, universality were the key words of this development.

Amcor Rigid Plastics and Confrérie Clinique Collaborate on unique electronic pill dispenser that promotes compliance. Intelligent Bottle System Offers Single Tablet Dispensing and Easy Tracking and Monitoring for Effective Drug Compliance This packaging is compliance, user friendly, provide child and senior citizen safety and connection to any smartphone for easy tracking and monitoring.

This pack is suitable for gifting to bring a smile to a loved one’s face. It can be used to offer a token of thanks or simply ensure don’t turn up empty-handed as a guest.

Bemis Healthcare Packaging had developed Lidocare Pouch for NFI/UPM Pharmaceuticals.

A&R Carton Graz GmbH had developed a packaging for Tenz innovative screws. The Peek Box is an innovative packaging for a new high-tech screw.


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