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An easy and efficient solution to manage packaging systems and operations

Quick reviews of high quality packaging designs helps AstraZeneca get products to market faster

Sao Paulo (Brazil), 29 June 2016 – Time to market is very important for any brand owner. If all stakeholders in the chain can review packaging faster, it allows the product to be approved for release sooner. By using Esko Studio (, Brazilian executives at AstraZeneca, a global biopharmaceutical company, are able to review virtual 3D models of new packaging that are developed by its designers quickly and easily. 

New portal delivers professional, pre-tested, standard designs for quick-start business opportunities

Ghent (Belgium), May 31, 2016 – Esko (, is expanding the quick-start business opportunities available to its customers via an online portal with the launch of the ArtiosCAD Display Store.

A new warehouse management system for Samboro, a top player on the Central American ceramic scene that has chosen the Sacmi-Toyota Material Handling Italia model


An order and warehouse management revolution that will extend the dream of achieving “just in time” production to the ceramic industry. This, in short, is the goal of Samboro (a major Guatemalan manufacturer and a key player on the Central American ceramic industry), which has chosen the warehouse logistics management model developed by Sacmi-Toyota Material Handling Italia.

Standardized way to identify production processing information enables increased interoperability and automation


GHENT, BELGIUM – 26 May 2016 - The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) announces the release of a new specification describing a standardized method for storing data corresponding to production processing steps within a PDF file. This specification optimizes the entire preproduction process, and enables improved productivity and lower production costs. 


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