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How OMO’s new EcoActive bottles will prevent millions of tonnes of plastic waste ending up in the ocean

As consumer awareness of the magnitude of food waste grows, Sealed Air’s Ron Cotterman says the time for retailers to implement more effective preventive measures is now.

A leading provider of differentiated paper and packaging solutions, was recognized at the Path to Purchase Design of the Times Awards with 31 awards for excellence in merchandising solutions — the most of any entrant for the second year in row. The company’s awards include a platinum award for Harry’s Dude and Dog endcap.

Don’t judge the book by its cover, they say – but is that really marketable when it comes to packaging? Actually not, it is on the contrary. Based on our study consumers really evaluate packaging to understand what’s inside, so packaging is important help for consumers to pick the right kind of products for their needs.

Amcor flexibles americas offers a products called fortis breather bag. It is improved header opening for end user convenience, better breath ability and reduction in cycle and aeration time for ethylene oxide sterilisation, eliminates particulate generated from heat seal coatings.

PMMI Foundation Continues Support of Future Packaging Leaders

Chuoh Pack Industry Co Ltd has developed eco-friendly corrugated packaging which replaced wooden frame packing for sheet metal parts of automobiles.

Constantia Flexibles is currently testing an entirely fresh approach to sustainable food packaging by trying a new paper made from renewable resources.

BLISTair is claimed to be the world’s first thermoformed dry powder inhaler developed by Perlen Packaging.

The product itself feeds the skin with intensive moisture. To convey this effect, a special tactile surface with a soft touch varnish is used. This gives customers that pleasing feeling of smooth skin.


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