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A risk to patients and a problem for pharmaceutical manufacturers: empty medicine containers with original labels that are filled with ineffective or harmful substitutes by criminal dumpster divers. The supposed originals are introduced into the market without any readily detectable signs of tampering. Flexi-Cap, Schreiner MediPharm’s innovative label-cap combination, by means of clear and irreversible first-opening indication, prevents illegal reuse of original containers—and has now been complemented by a new version offering even higher safety: Flexi-Cap Prime.

Cardboard-plastic combinations have already made a strong impression for a number of years, delivering a positive environmental impact thanks to their recyclability and extremely ecofriendly properties. To make it even easier for consumers to separate the cardboard and plastic, Greiner Packaging teamed up with cardboard packaging and labeling firm Offsetdruckerei.

With the launch of brand-new jetscript METAL VPG 1018, Mitsubishi HiTec Paper is bringing something absolutely
unique to the market: a metallic-silver-gloss inkjet paper, developed for water-based inkjet printing and particularly
suitable for self-adhesive label applications.

Mumbai, 2019

ProPak India 2019 has new exhibition dates. The new dates are 22-24 October, 2019 instead of 21-23 October in Mumbai, India.

Ardagh’s beverage cans deliver the cold brew coffee revolution to aficionados everywhere, from lightly sparkling to nitrogen-infused beverages  

SealAcross is easy to use, tamper evident and opens full width for easy access to the product

Mumbai, 2019

ProPak India 2019 has new exhibition dates. The new dates are 22-24 October, 2019 instead of 21-23 October in Mumbai, India.


The change is the result of the recent development of Maharashtra and Haryana State Elections being declared on 21 October 2019, which presumably will be a public holiday. We foresee an inconvenience to the exhibitors and visitors from Maharashtra & Haryana as they have to cast their votes and the same may also affect the expected visitor turnout on Day 1.


Announced on 12th September, Duallok received the bronze award at the Pentawards Gala 2019. Celebrated for innovations and thought leadership in build-safe design, Duallok took home the Bronze award for their entry into the "Other category: tobacco and products for smokers". Designed with kids safety at it's core, the package provides a premium and compliant solution with instructions built-in in such a way that they provide sufficient guidance for adult-opening, without detracting from the wider branding. 


In combining new levels of sustainability with performance and customer benefits, Ardagh Metal Beverage Europe’s lightweight aluminium cans illustrate the way in which the company aims to lead by example – by investing in innovation which pays dividends in that most valuable of currencies, environmental savings.



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