APK has developed a unique process that addresses end-of-life for multilayer PE/nylon 6 packaging films.

Starbucks announced  that it plans to pull plastic straws from all 28,000 of its global locations by 2020.

An interesting eBook on the subject which is designed to help anyone involved in packaging identify the best option for their brand in today’s climate. 

Source - Law Print & Packaging (UK)

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X-EnviroPouch’s stand-up properties create greater display flexibility for retailers. This is further enhanced by a wider
choice of pouch sizes, while a choice of white or natural film along with a gloss or matt print fi nish allow aesthetically pleasing designs that maximise brand image and on-shelf impact.

PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is widely used to produce plastic packaging, yet worldwide only around 20 per cent of this material makes its way to recycling plants with the rest either incinerated, disposed of in landfills or leaking into the natural environment.

Brussels, 2 March 2016 – Ahead of Friday’s EU Environment ministerial debate on the Circular Economy Package and its waste proposals, the packaging supply chain is calling on EU policymakers to ensure that national packaging waste-related measures do not disrupt the Internal Market due to differences in interpretation and implementation. 


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