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Advancia® embodies a major breakthrough in nasal drug delivery by providing patients with a user-friendly package and a convenient anti-clogging technology

An innovative medical device to help babies get relieved from irritating running nose.

The Marchesini Group and SEA Vision - in partnership with Tecnopolo Mario Veronesi in Mirandola – took part in a symposium on a hot topic among experts, namely the new coding regulation of medical devices (MD) introduced by the European MD Regulation 2017/745. The medical devices involved are those used for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes, such as syringes, plasters, aerosols and artificial body parts, to mention just a few.



Derby, UK – SP Thermoforming, the North American brand of UK-based Riverside Medical Packaging. Ltd, has introduced a line of flexible and rigid blister thermoforming machines featuring a potentially game-changing concept: carousel design. A striking departure from linear, meters-long chain-pulled thermoformers, the SP Series performs all necessary functions via a rotating drum through its radial workstations.


ChemoLock is the first and only needlefree CSTD to receive United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for pharmacy applications (product code ONB), as well as patient administration applications (product code FPA).

Erbalab have recently launched a new range of nutraceutical products in the herbal medicine segment. The product’s innovative delivery system, which uses an airless pump, isolates the active ingredients from the outside air, preventing degradation. The airless pump also helps to deliver the correct dose, which is more quickly assimilated into the body than other traditional delivery mechanisms.


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