FrieslandCampina have adopted Kezzler's serialization technology, to deliver supply chain visibility for their infant formula brands, as well as providing a way for stakeholders throughout the supply chain to validate their products in real-time.

Dotz is an Australian-listed and Israel-based tech company which has developed proprietary marking, tracing and verification technology. ValiDotz™ security markers are non-toxic, carbon-based markers that can be easily mixed into plastics, coatings, inks, and varnishes to create product-specific codes.

First interactive pallet to digitalise the world's largest open pallet pool. 

The definition of Active and Intelligent Packaging is derived from four basic functions of packaging. Download the white paper from "Intertape Polymer Group" to know interesting details about this technology.

Contact Information  - Jeff Coats (Director Marketing Development)

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Serialization, RFID and Anti-Counterfeiting Technologies: Providing the Basis for the Smart Factory of the Future

Fit for Industry 4.0: Intelligent Marking Solutions at the Hanover Fair

Intelligent packaging for pharmaceauticals

With the deadlines for compliance with two major pieces of legislation fundamentally affecting the pharmaceutical sector, a leading industry analyst has made a strong plea for the industry to adopt more Active and Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) solutions ‘to deal with the traceability requirements of today and the authentication and compliance issues just around the corner’.
With delegate numbers exceeding 200 and a record number of Brand Owners attending and presenting, the AIPIA Congress proved beyond doubt that Active and Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) is about to make a big impact and has enormous potential for every stakeholder. The event took place in Utrecht Holland on 18/19 November.
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