innovative closure

DNP Develops the Industry's First Spout for Liquid Paper Cartons that Allows Opening of the Cap and the Inner Plug in a Single Motion

This Jumping pourers or pop up pourer closure is an innovative closure for Olive Oil and alcoholic market.

  • Parachute closure, from Global Closure Systems, has been awarded in the EcoDesign category as “an innovation that is environmentally friendly throughout the product’s entire life cycle
  • Designed by GCS, the lid portion of the closure perfectly matches the bottle design and shape.
  • The base part of the closure has a unique clip design and then reduces angle neck finish to be light weighted by incorporating the patented “feather- snap” system.
  • Savings can be as much as 75%.

Bericap has developed a new 2-piece sports closure, allowing a 2-colour look with a transparent PP shell and a coloured HDPE pourer section.

GCS has developed a new screw cap with a TPE strip to provide a perfect grip, making it easier for consumers of all ages to open and close Volvic’s latest 1 liter packaging.

Easy Safe and intuitive opening

EZ Grip & EZ-Safe are closures range which are ergonomically ribbed which make them user friendly.

Guala comapny has developed an innovative Aluminium closure with visible tamper band to create double impact. 

The new disc-top rocker closure used for Fast Orange waterless hand cleaner that allows for one hand opening and dispensing.

United Caps introduces 29/21 GREEN1P, a reliable mono-piece closure for edible oils, vinegars and sauces that is lighter and more competitively priced than the previous solution.


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