innovations in pharma packaging

When properly used, transdermal patches with high concentrations of active ingredients are effective and safe means of drug delivery used in chronic pain management or hormone therapy. Schreiner MediPharm developed for PS Marketing and Outsourcing GmbH a label for reliable and safe disposal of used patches and prevention of abuse.

Stiplastics have been continously working to develop different connected devices

RPC Formatec, part of the RPC Bramlage Division, has launched a new inhaler that delivers enhanced levels of patient convenience, comfort and safety.


Treatment by self-medication: a consistently growing trend. Patients suffering from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis increasingly use pens or autoinjectors. Ease and safety of handling these devices are particularly important to them. For pharmaceutical manufacturers, the protection of patients against fake medicines and security of the supply chain are additionally of major importance.

Mitsui Chemicals in collaboration with Bilcare introduces Chemipearl XSP in India: It's a new high-performance heat seal coating using water based technology for pharmaceutical blister packaging

Oberschleissheim, March 15, 2017 – Schreiner MediPharm has developed a novel marking solution for syringes: Pharma-Multi-Act. The label, together with the cap, is easy to open with one flick of the wrist, which makes it particularly user-friendly.  Pharma-Multi-Act also offers reliable and irreversible first-opening indication and may include various additional security and indicator functionalities.

Schreiner MediPharm has further developed Flexi-Cap, its innovative first-opening indication security concept, for oncological applications: An additional cap protects the bottom of bottles or vials against glass breakage and surface contamination.

With the deadlines for compliance with two major pieces of legislation fundamentally affecting the pharmaceutical sector, a leading industry analyst has made a strong plea for the industry to adopt more Active and Intelligent Packaging (A&IP) solutions ‘to deal with the traceability requirements of today and the authentication and compliance issues just around the corner’.

Microbristle Applicators are the innovative response to the rising trends of precise drug application

These brand new powder spray bottles have to be seen to be believed. they actually spray powder

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