green packaging

Geka has recently launched ‘green mascara’ concept to support sustainable beauty

Saving 1.6 million pounds of resin annually – In reviewing their Tidy-Cat litter 27 and 30 pound pail packages, Purina decided the existing pails used too much plastic

Uflex Holography Business Develops Premium Lens Transfer Paper, Paperboard Using Fresnel Lens


Compostable Packnatur® cellulose nets made from Lenzing Modal® – a by-product of forest thinning – have replaced plastic nets for organic fruit and vegetables in all leading Austrian supermarkets.

It is a facestock which is made entirely from sugar cane ethanol

It is an ecological isolating packaging.

Eco friendly and cost effective alternative for plastic bubble wrap

Paper packaging replacing plastic

this molded fiber bottles made from 100 recycled cardboard and newspaper. 

in launching its easytodigest milk brand in the u.s., new zealandbased company chooses cartons to tell its brand story and maximize shelf appeal


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