environment friendly packaging

UK up-market retailer Waitrose , part of the John Lewis Partnership, has joined forces with a Scottish biotec company, CuanTec to develop a new film for food packaging made out of waste langoustine shells

Saving 1.6 million pounds of resin annually – In reviewing their Tidy-Cat litter 27 and 30 pound pail packages, Purina decided the existing pails used too much plastic

X-EnviroPouch’s stand-up properties create greater display flexibility for retailers. This is further enhanced by a wider
choice of pouch sizes, while a choice of white or natural film along with a gloss or matt print fi nish allow aesthetically pleasing designs that maximise brand image and on-shelf impact.

Advanced resin reclamation technology at Mondi’s consumer packaging plant in Halle, Germany, enables efficient use of scrap plastic in Henkel’s Megaperls laundry detergent packaging.

A laminate tube which conforms to the Multiflex procedure high paper content

An environment friendly move to make packaging from recyclable materials

Delight is a new type of hybrid package, where paperboard is enhanced with polymers

A wonderful alternative to complete plastic packaging, which is an environment friendly material

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