chocolate packaging

The Origin Box is made of three kinds of paper material, of which two, Invercote and Incada, are made by Iggesund Paperboard. Converter was Du Caju Printing & Packaging, Belgium

A new aluminium foil wrapper, called Unshredded Wrap, from Constantia Flexibles’ ends the frustration of chocolate lovers trying to peel off the protective layer in little bits.

  • It is a new packaging concept for chocolate and sweets.
  • The specially-designed candy cups come in several shapes with a variety of closing mechanisms, differentiating the candy cups from traditional cups.
  • The cups are handy to use and catches the eye with their shape and excellent print quality.
  • The candy cups comprise 100% renewable raw material.
  • The baseboard is Stora Enso’s Cupforma Special with the sugarcane-based PE- Green coating on the inside.
  • The PE-Green barrier provides the necessary protection for the contents.

Biodegradable packaging: the holy grail

Leaving no waste behind, whatsoever, biodegradable packaging is considered the holy grail of the eco movement. If every product in the world is wrapped in biodegradable packaging, that would solve the waste problem altogether. For the moment, though, examples are scarce.

Mondelez, the US owners of the iconic British brand are switching to modern tear-off wrappers.
The company is also risking the wrath of, the often very vocal, Roses lovers by changing the shape of two of the chocolates, the hazel in caramel and coffee escape.
The former, in its crescent-shaped form, is a Roses favourite. The company said the new shapes, with smooth contours, “melt in the mouth easily and result in a longer moment of joy.”

Retail ready display pack with impactful shelf presence and premium feel

This pack is substitute to vacuumformed plastic trays and plastic shrink sleeves with renewable, recyclable paperboard.

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