anti-counterfeit packaging

Schreiner MediPharm’s multifunctional Covert-Hologram Seal with an irreversible, holographic effect offers reliable first-opening indication and tamper evidence, plus counterfeiting protection, and complies with the requirements of the EU Directive. 

Counterfeit products and packages bearing unauthorized trademarks are one of the burning issues for various industries (manufacturers), churning out apparently similar yet inferior products. It poses a serious threat to the original manufacturers bringing in the demand of Global Brand Production Innovation Programme (GBPIP) , dealing eradication of counterfeit products and to ensure the supply of a quality product.

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Ardagh Group is now able to add a host of promotional and security features to its metal packaging solutions thanks to an exclusive partnership with leading Dutch watermark solutions company Filigrade. (


The arrangement enables Ardagh to offer its customers smart interactive print technology that will take their brands into whole new areas of consumer engagement as well as protect them against the threat of counterfeiting.


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MicroFlex™ is a unique Ultra Thin Lens Array film developed by Forward Optics, Inc (USA) exclusively for the brand authentication.

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