Dotz is an Australian-listed and Israel-based tech company which has developed proprietary marking, tracing and verification technology. ValiDotz™ security markers are non-toxic, carbon-based markers that can be easily mixed into plastics, coatings, inks, and varnishes to create product-specific codes.

Thimm, the German-based packaging and POS specialist, has developed a display that uses an invisible code to open up new channels for communicating with customers for the launch of  a new mueslis brand

Active polymer technology usage for pharma packaging

The definition of Active and Intelligent Packaging is derived from four basic functions of packaging. Download the white paper from "Intertape Polymer Group" to know interesting details about this technology.

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Insignia Technologies has developed an active and intelligent film label solution that helps prevent food waste by offering consumers information about how long a food package has been open.

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