3D printing

In collaboration with Samyoung Machinery, a manufacturer of 3D printers and locomotive parts, Kolmar Korea has developed a cosmetic composition made from two viscous materials inside a transparent container. The liquid of higher viscosity is 3D printed into various designs (i.e., flowers and fruits) through a specialized nozzle.

The market has been asking for an environmentally transparent product that combines our usual high quality with sustainability. In response, we are happy to announce the launch of the 75 LPI Lenstar ECO. The product is already available now in size 711x508//508mm. Samples will be shown for the first time at IST’s UV Days 2019, in Nürtigen, Germany, 13th to 16th May.

The holographic color prints can be easily verified, according to the researchers, but are difficult to imitate.

Saky kids® children&rsquos toothpaste tube has been manufactured with essel ishine® 3d printing technology.

For lower production volumes, 3d printing can reduce the time and expense associated with conventional machining processes. Accurate molds can be produced with an automated, unattended process and eliminate the need for fixturing, setup and operation of cnc machines

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