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    With increasing online consumer base there is unprecedented growth in the e-Commerce sector. Due to surging nature of this industry there is strong competition among e-Commerce companies who are putting strong efforts in winning consumer faith by various means such as Innovating customer touch points, providing seamless and rapid delivery services, regular updates on order status and tracking details, providing convenient and frustration free packs to make consumer happy and many others.

    Packaging, which is generally considered as a mere OUTER DABBA (carton), is actually doing a much larger function of winning consumer faith. This is the only reason why companies using branded (printed) packs are also thinking to improvise the packaging by various means. But fact is people in e-Commerce industry are facing various problems while choosing and procuring right packaging for their products. Here below are packaging materials which are majorly used in e-Commerce industry and can solve your packaging pain points.

    Corrugated Boxes:

    Corrugated boxes are very common and widely used packaging material for e-Commerce industry. These boxes are the best packaging solution as this material is very strong and highly durable. The carton (or commonly called as outer brown box) keep the product safe and secure while storing and shipping. These secondary packaging is available in different sizes, styles and with different specifications to choose from.

    But while procuring small quantity in your required specification and size is a CHALLENGE. Start-ups want to test their products in terms of customer acceptance first. They don’t want to invest too much on packaging initially hence keep looking for small quantities in the start. Though suppliers provide their quotations mainly for the bulk requirements. The other option with them is to buy cartons from retail shops even at much higher prices for a poor quality (or even used boxes). So what is the solution? Why not to try packaging e-commerce site like PackagingConnectionsStore.  

    Courier bags

    Courier bags are nothing but a flexible pouch which is widely used for shipping purposes. Some of these bags have specialised features like tamper evidence, bubble, or POD jackets. These pouches vary from simple courier bags to the specialised one which is used to fulfil specific packaging application. Some of these pouches feature bubble inside which give extra protection. These air bubble pouches and bubble laminated pouches are used for breakable products at low shipping cost like Jewellery items, CDs, clothing. 



    Some of these bags also features tamper evidence which give an indication of first opening. These bags save on postage and provide high – strength and are water resistance. One of another feature is POD jackets in bags which can be used to add invoice and other documents with the shipment. Customised Pouches with printing and branding is the main requirement of the customers But printing involves preparation of artwork, cylinder and many other tedious processes. These customised pouches are always supplied in higher quantity by the suppliers. If you want standard or customised pouches, please check the link: Pouches.





    Tapes are universal packaging material used for sealing of carton and other materials. These BOPP based tapes can be used standard and can be made customised by printing of company logo and other details. These printed tapes enhance the branding of a company. Commonly used for medium and heavy duty carton sealing, these tapes are useful in strapping and bundling, normal repairs, stationery purpose. Find these standard unprinted tapes as well as customised printed tapes according to requirement at this site



    Security Envelopes

    These bags are specialised one with advanced features which helps in securing product from counterfeiting. These security envelops are of different types such as Paper based, kraft based and metallic multilayer bubble envelops. These paper or kraft based and other envelops looks like a normal envelop used to ship document in secured manner. These envelop are laminated from inside or incorporate some specialised feature which made your document safe by preventing unwanted tearing and tampering. Multilayer bubble envelop are specialised one which is used to pack electronic items.

    Here I would like to share one of my experiences of online purchasing of mobile phone battery. When I received the product, the package opening was full of frustration. This is general trend “Firstly wrap the electronic product in bubble then in plastic box and then again wrap with bubble with lot of taping and at the end in a tamper evident pouch.” At that time as a customer, I really though “HOW EASY IT WOULD BE IF WE HAVE ONE SINGLE SECURE PACKAGING MATERIAL?”

    Now there is one solution, please check to know more about this product (Multilayer bubble envelop).

    Protective Packaging

    This is very rare to find a product or item that fits exactly in a shipping container or box without any additional space around the edges. Most mailing boxes are significantly larger than the items they're designed to hold. In such case packing peanuts are the good choice. These styroforme based incredibly lightweight E shaped material fill the voids and give cushioning to the packed product. Due to its lightweight this material helps in reducing postage and shipping costs and generally feature an interlocking, E-shaped design that serves dual purposes, including reducing migration, so the peanuts don't just settle on the bottom of boxes, and providing products with reliable cushioning. Ever wonder, this small thermocol kind material in your packaging. To buy this material online, pls check packagingonlinestore.


    This is awesome! This is something really innovative I have ever seen. You have shared great ways of E-commerce packaging solutions. I really appreciate this article and enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ways.If you want to expand your business and need the best packing materials dealers online than you go through this amazing website of DCGpac.

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    Sustainable packaging is inarguably the new hot term in the packaging world. Many big corporations and consumers are increasingly emphasising on sustainability. The natural instinct is to ask what is sustainable packaging? Sustainable packaging is the development and use of packaging which results in improved sustainability. The goals of sustainable packaging are multiple. First is functional (i.e. product protection, safety, regulatory compliance, etc.), the second one is cost effectiveness and the third one is to support long term human and ecological health.

    It is always a good idea to look at the statistics to get a deeper and clearer understanding of an issue. According to a study, 51% of millennials will check packaging before purchase for sustainability claims, 70% of all consumers are likely to be influenced by environmentally friendly packaging, 39% of consumers always / often look for environmental information on beverage packaging, 70% of consumers have purchased an environmentally friendly product even when it cost more, 66% of consumers have avoided a particular product and / or brand for environmental reasons. The statistical figures speak volumes about the relevance of sustainability in the life of millennials.

    There are many ingredients of sustainable packaging. Quite expectedly, sustainable packaging emphasises on the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. It involves use of minimal materials – reduced packaging (reduced layers of packaging, lower volume, etc.), repeated reuse of package and use of materials which are frequently and easily recycled (also reduction of materials which hinder recyclability of major components). At the same time it is important to understand that sustainable packaging goes beyond the three R’s. It also involves use of renewable resources in packaging. It avoids the use of materials toxic to humans or the environment and takes into account the effects on atmosphere/climate – ozone layer, greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and methane), volatile organic compounds, etc.

    It is important to look at the multiple benefits of sustainable packaging. It reduces an organisation’s carbon footprint. It provides opportunity for cost reductions through minimised material usage and possible savings in storage and warehouse requirement (dependent on materials used). It has the potential to improve brand and consumer perception. Consumers are shifting towards sustainable packaging not only because they feel a sense of satisfaction by protecting the environment from possible damage but also because it is now seen as a symbol of social status. Therefore it won’t be wrong to say that sustainable packaging is a reality and not an overstatement.

    That's the good way to explain sustainability 

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    Ardagh Group has gained a much coveted Alufoil Trophy 2019 for their new seafood can for Orkla Food Norway; a printed, easy open, aluminium lid and container for a traditional fish fillet.

    This major project for Orkla’s Staburret mackerel filet, a national dish in Norway, has seen sixty different designs presented on a ‘Hansa’ shaped seafood can. Each design, some of which use cartoons, and all linked by the brand’s recognisable yellow background, represents a different town or place, an aspect of people’s behaviour or way of life in Norway. The attractive can is ultra-thin which provides an even greater sustainability advantage without affecting the can format or high-speed filling performance.

    Patrick Savouré, Commercial Director Seafood at Ardagh Group’s metal division, comments, “I am delighted that this lightweight aluminium can with its striking design has been awarded such an important trophy.”

    Orkla has specified aluminium for its cans for many years due to its 100% recyclability – endlessly without loss of quality - and excellent functionality.

    is it really can, unbelievable....

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    AptarGroup, Inc. (NYSE:ATR), announced recently that Isabel Marey-Semper has joined Aptar’s Board of Directors. Isabel is a trained scientist and experienced transformation leader who was most recently the Executive Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs and General Manager for L’Oréal. Prior to that, Isabel was the Chief Financial Officer of Groupe PSA (Peugeot Citroën) and has also held a senior executive roles at the multinational company, Saint-Gobain. She also served on the board of Nokia for several years.

    Stephan Tanda, Aptar President and CEO, stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Isabel Marey-Semper to our Board. As a trained scientist and experienced transformation leader, Isabel brings tremendous breadth and depth of experience. She has deep insights into the French business culture and, at the same time, a strong grasp of global business imperatives. She will be a great addition to our Board.”

    Commenting on Aptar’s Board membership, George Fotiades, Chairman of the Board, explained, “We have an exceptionally strong, truly international and diverse Board of Directors at Aptar. Our directors are highly experienced, reflective of, and deeply knowledgeable about, the markets we serve and the strategies we pursue. With 40% of our Board consisting of female directors, we are proud to be among the companies leading the way towards gender balance on corporate boards.”

    Isabel holds a Master of Science degree, an MBA and a PhD degree in Neuro-Pharmacology. Isabel is also a Director for Damae Medical, a medical company focused on diagnosing skin tumors without the need for a biopsy; Imagine Institute, a medical research organization focused on the treatment of genetic diseases; and the Inria Foundation, a research organization dedicated to digital science and technology.

    Thanks for the information

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